Jun 9, 2016

A Whale of a Wall

Whew- the whitewashed brick wall is finally complete!

And it only took about 10x longer to complete than I had anticipated. :-P

I do really like exposed brick walls but this wall in our family (play) room was dark brick and the room doesn't get a lot of natural light. In the winter (and especially on gloomy days) it feels very dark in there, so I've been wanting to whitewash it for some time.

Here's the before from when we first moved in:

And about a year and a half in:
An explosion of lived-in-ness
In process:
Whitewashed brick
And after:
Whitewashed brick wall, Painting brick wall
With an exuberant Heidi
Whitewashing a brick wall

Entire wall brick, painting brick in family room

Whitewashed dark brick

There's a plethora of tutorials on Pinterest about whitewashing brick...I just bought the cheapest flat paint from Walmart and mixed equal parts paint and water in a bucket. Then after brushing it on I wiped it down with rags. That's it! The trickiest part was finding the motivation to work on it after evenings of solo parenting. ;)

 Sometime in the future I'd love to paint this room since I'm not 100% in love with the color- it's sort of cream and with the poor lighting it often looks yellow (sallow is the word that comes to mind).
There is an extreme amount of nail holes in the walls from the previous owners and my attempts at hanging pictures (ahem) but a few months ago I said to heck with it and added even more in order to rearrange the pictures- I like it so much more than what I had done before! 

Black and white gallery wall

It really makes a difference when you really like a space in your house vs. just feeling "meh" about it. Who knew? ;)


  1. Looks GREAT!! We have a brick 3/4 of a wall too but our room gets tons of light so I may leave it...though originally I wanted to whitewash.

  2. Looks great and hopefully will make it a much more pleasant room to be in next winter. Well done!

    1. Thanks, Joy! It feels good to be completely done with a project!

  3. Oh that looks so great!! All your hard work really paid off!

  4. Impressive! Love the whitewashed version.
    Don't feel bad about the lived-in look. My house looks like that right now. :/ meh right?

  5. Lisa, this looks amazing! I love seeing the before and after pics- it is such an improvement and makes it look so much brighter. I doubt Joanna Gaines could have done any better :-)

  6. Oh the whitewash opens it up so much! Love it :)


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