Jun 1, 2016

So They Say

I often used to bring Chick-fil-a home for breakfast on the mornings I'd go in very early to work...
Evie (holds up a scrub top in my closet): "This is your Chick-fil-a shirt."

Evie: Mom, in Mary Poppins, she had so much fings in her bag. Was it a diaper bag? There were no diapers in it...so I guess they're not having a baby anymore.
...And other deep thoughts by Evie Mayer.

After playing some sort of game where they're trying to capture each other-
Evie: Audrey, I'm free!
Audrey: (inaudible response)
Evie: No, I'm not the number free, I'm the word free.

Audrey: Well, you see Evie, you can see my mouth because I don't have a beard.

Evie: J is in my class- he has curly hair. Like Shirley Temple.

Evie: Mom, I'm going to be new in Kindergarten.
Audrey: Oh, what will be your name?
Evie: Evie. I'm going to be Evie forever.

During a boisterous time in the car...
Evie to Audrey: Let's play high five!
Me: No- hands to yourself...you can give yourself a high-five, that's why God gave you two hands.
Evie: No, that's called clapping.

Audrey (with a baby doll stuffed under her shirt) to Evie: *urgency in her tone* Joseph, I'm having a baby! C'mon...let's go to Bethlehem.

Evie (out of the blue during quiet time): Mom, there are still people who are naughty to Pope Francis, so he has soldiers who protect him.

Audrey has the most perfect way of unknowingly misnaming and misidentifying things- I love it and will be so sad once she grows out of this stage!

Her Marian Shining Light dolls she calls: "My womans"
Woodstock from Charlie Brown: "Cornstalk"
Lily of the Valley: "Valley of the Town" 
Graham crackers: "Jam crackers" 
A traffic jam: "Jam traffic" 
Calamari: "Californias"
Piggy banks: "Penny Banks"
And my very favorite- Asking for her St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Holy Heroes CD "Can I listen to my Saint Our Lady of Hungary movie?" So close and yet...


  1. I love these posts. My kids say funny things but I forget to jot them down and compile them. 🙈

  2. "My womans!" How adorable! My kids love hearing the ways they said things when they were younger. File these away in your treasure chest, because they are gems. :)

  3. They are too funny! I love this :) Cecilia has, I think, *finally* stopped saying "Ups-by down" instead of "upside down" and it makes me so sad! I don't blame you one bit for not correcting Audrey!


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