Jul 14, 2016

Life Lately July

With having a newborn I'm not outside a whole lot, so I am ever so grateful to the former owners who landscaped the backyard- there are no maintenance flowers and plants right outside the kitchen and dining room windows for me to enjoy looking at.

Sweet Cora is already four weeks old and we all love her to pieces. Her big sisters are especially attentive to her every peep and love to tell me what exactly she needs in any given moment. :)
I've taken all four girls to the store on my own exactly one whole time; any time Tim is home and we're able to take them out together I'm especially appreciative!
 We went blueberry picking during the fourth of July weekend- it was relatively short lived since everyone else in Northern VA seemed to have the same idea and the orchard we went to was pretty picked over (I always forget that can happen!), but we made it out of the house so I'm calling it a win. ;)

I've pretty much failed at growing any flowers or vegetables this summer (to which I just feel like- whatever, man.) but, lo and behold, we found brambles of blackberries on the slope in front of our house.
Pretty cool!

*Then* we noticed pumpkin vines and tomato plants growing where our compost pile used to be! I don't expect them to produce anything since we're not tending them but still.
Moral of the story? More things will grow from seeds being tossed out and forgotten than if I intentionally plant a seed and give it TLC.
If someone were to ask me what the most challenging thing about having four kids is, I would grab their arms and with bulging eyes tell them, "THE LOGISTICS!". (Then I would ask for their help to fill sippy cups and strap my girls into their car seats.)

 There's just been lots of one or more of the kiddos being not-content, and instances like catching the toddler climbing up the bunk bed ladder in too-big rain boots as the baby's letting me know she wants to eat.
I know it won't always be this way and I have to just keep telling myself that...


  1. Yay! You're doing great, Lisa! And I personally think that one of the best side-effects of having more than a couple kids is they need to learn to wait or take care of their own needs. I'm the fourth in my family; I know. ;)

  2. Yes, you are correct ~ it won't always be this way. Hang in there!


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