Jul 18, 2016

My Sunday Best {4}

Today is the funeral for my Great Aunt Margaret who passed away last week. She was 99 and lived at home her whole life- isn't that incredible??
She was the sister of my paternal grandmother but most of my siblings and I never knew her (my grandma) since she died before many of us were born. My Aunt Margaret was always a part of our lives- sending birthday cards every year, attending school events and family get-togethers...I never thought much about it, but she also had her own grandchildren that she loved and spent time with as well! We'll be praying for the repose of her soul today and celebrating the life of a wonderful woman.

Here's what I wore to Mass last week:
Polka dot pleated midi-skirt, Pink polka dot skirt, pleated midi skirt
Top & skirt- thrifted / wedges- Land's End

I think I've mentioned this before but I hemmed and hawed about buying this skirt a few years ago as I wasn't used to the "midi" length (it was only $5!). Well, it's definitely gotten good wear- so I'd say don't be afraid to go out on a limb if you're unsure about a $5 splurge. ;)

And this week:
Floral skirt, Thrifted top
Top- Eight Sixty (thrifted) / Skirt- noVae (similar- love the navy!) / Sandals- Land's End Canvas

My Sunday Best

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  1. Really like the pink with black pokie dots. Very cute! Wonderful $5 splurge. Your Aunt was really beautiful. I have an Aunt like that. My mom passed away when my younger children were pretty little. Her sister has come over for various things for my children.

    1. Thanks, Kate! And it's wonderful to have the support of extended family. :)

  2. Beautiful skirts! So glad you splurged!

    Will pray for your great-aunt. Since both my father and my father-in-law passed before my kids were born I am so grateful that both my uncle and my husband's are happy to fulfill some of the grandfather role for them.

  3. Love both those outfits!!! I was definitely unsure about midi skirts for a while also - I was convinced they wouldn't work on me, but even if they *didn't* I think I'd wear them anyway, because it's just such a convenient length! Long enough that you can move around easily, not so long that they get in the way.

    Just said a prayer for your Aunt :)

  4. Two more outfits for the win. You rock the top/skirt combo. love it!
    You are still my dream-thrifting bff!

    1. Thanks, Sarah! And maybe someday we can go thrifting together- you always have awesome finds!

  5. oh... and what a lovely photo of your great aunt. Thanks for sharing her story.
    praying here... +jmj+

  6. Those skirts are amazing! And the second one has pockets! Why don't more skirts have pockets? Your great aunt looks so joyful in her bridal portrait; may she rest in peace.


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