Aug 12, 2016

7QT: a milestone birthday, carpool fears, and a thrifted find

Linking up with Kelly for Friday takes!

Three of our girls our sick and haven't been sleeping well, and yesterday I had to take a 2 hour glucose test in order to be cleared from diabetes (please say a prayer that I am!)...I am beat. TGIF!!
I've been diffusing peppermint essential oil and used Thieves oil in the steam mop, so I'm hoping they help in the health department!
We celebrated Evangeline's 5th birthday on Sunday with my family and her real birthday was on Tuesday so its been a bit of a birthday week for her- five is a pretty big deal, so I've heard. :)

So I guess it was decided that 5 is the birthday where we welcome guests without shoes. ;)
Pink birthday party
Evie's a caring and doting big sister, loves to read and let us know what time it is (minute by minute), takes her bed-making very seriously, enjoys building with blocks and Legos and usurping whatever home paraphernalia that's around to make forts.
She requested "a chocolate cake from Costco with flowers and a rainbow". Well I tried to convince her to let me make a cake instead because do you know those Costco cakes feed 48 people?
But she told me that for her seventh birthday I could make her cake; for her fifth she wanted the Costco cake. Oh-kay.

Also, we still have leftover cake in our fridge.
Speaking of Evie...she starts Kindergarten this year and one thing that strikes fear into my heart is afternoon pickup. I've read through the procedure but still feel clueless and am fairly certain this will be me the first week:
You know those reality storage shows where people pay a small amount for a storage locker and end up scoring big from the items inside? I had my thrifting equivalent this week with this NWT Lucky Brand shift dress- I found it at Goodwill for $4.99 and it retails for $129! Say what?!  I certainly like it but definitely would never shell out $129 for it!
Lucky Brand embroidered shift dress, thrifted shift dress
Finally, this little babe is 8 weeks old already...seriously the fastest 8 weeks of my life! I feel like she was born and I blinked.
All for now. Have a good weekend!


  1. That dress is to die for!!! Lucky!

    1. I can't believe someone would donate it- I'm a sucker for anything with embroidery!!

  2. Eight weeks! That did go fast. :)

    PS-- Cake freezes well.

    1. Haha, I forgot all about freezing. Thanks for the tip, Alicia!

  3. Costco cake is yummy by wayyyyy too much!

    Also - I was fretting about school pick-up too. I read the school pick up info SEVERAL times. I was still sweating and anxious that first day of pick-up.
    But I survived.
    I did not hurt anybody.

    now I am a vet!

    you will be ok! :)


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