Aug 22, 2016

My (Anniversary) Sunday Best

Yesterday was our sixth(!) wedding anniversary and the anniversary of Evie's baptism, so throughout the day she took to saying "our anniversary". :)
Same church one year later!
My mom babysat the three older girls so we could go out to dinner on Saturday night, and yesterday we just had a low-key Sunday, take-out for dinner (no way was I cooking ;), and Tim made a cheesecake for dessert. I'm sure several years ago I would've been appalled at the thought of not making special plans for our wedding anniversary but seriously, just give me a night out with good food and I am set. Just a night OUT.
The dress I was planning to wear to mass didn't fit right (hello, real life!) so at the last second I threw on this top and skirt- both thrifted and shown before on this here blog.
Blue, black, and cognac outfit
During mass we sang "I Am the Bread of Life" which Evie and Audrey have become enamored with singing ever since they tuned in to it (ha) at my grandpa's funeral. I don't mean any disrespect but it's not really one of my favorite songs; I also notice that it's often played at funerals. Anyways, at my great-aunt's funeral it was also sung- Audrey exuberantly joined in with arms outstretched- and after the song ended yesterday Evie notified me, "We're not supposed to sing this- it's not a funeral". Seriously never a dull moment with kids!

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  1. Happy anniversary!! We've been super low-key about anniversaries when we have little babies (which is what, half the time?), so takeout sounds perfect :)

    Love the top & skirt together!

  2. I've had those movements - got a dress or outfit planned for a special day only to put it on and it won't fit.
    Also - I am the bread of life was sung at our wedding. Haha. I'm also thinking it'd be good for my funeral. Haha your kids are right!


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