Aug 1, 2016

Spring/ Summer Reads

Summer books

Well. We were on vacation last week and after a long trek home full of stops (And away we go! Again!) we arrived to our home...our home devoid of running water. While we were gone our well sprung a leak that was flowing into our front yard. Thankfully our neighbor alerted Tim of the situation on Friday, so we (I) could brace ourselves (myself) for the quite large inconvenience that awaited us when we returned, and Mr. Neighbor performed a death defying act in opening the top of the well with live wires and all and turned off the water for us while we were still gone! Anyways, the problem was rectified this morning so now we can *finally* return to our normal way of life- living without running water is NO joke!

Moving on to some recent reads...lots of light reading for me lately:

Dinner: A Love Story: It All Begins at the Family Table- I love a good foodie memoir (as Frank Navasky says, "I...can't help myself."). I borrowed the library's e-version of this and have since added the hard copy to my wishlist so I can literally bookmark recipes to make!

The Knockoff- Liked this one a lot- I really appreciated how the main character was a bit atypical for chick lit. 

Little House on the Prairie- A read-aloud with the girls. I'm enjoying reading through this series with them but I have to say I keep thinking I would go crazy living in the middle of nowhere and hardly ever having contact with other people!

The Great Beanie Baby Bubble: Mass Delusion and the Dark Side of Cute- Good gracious, the subtitle on this says it all. After reading about the creator of Beanie Babies and stories of people deeply involved in the craze I'm a little creeped out that I actually owned one. My sister worked a summer at a small gift shop (the only places they were sold) right at the peak of the Beanie Baby craze and it was very interesting hearing what it was like for her!

Thrift Shopping: Discovering Bargains and Hidden Treasures- I requested this on a whim when I saw the title pop up under new acquisitions in our library system. It's definitely geared towards teens or anyone unfamiliar with thrift shopping, but it would be informative for newbies and was an easy read!

The Summer I Turned Pretty- I liked this one okay, as far as YA fiction goes, but I preferred this one of Jenny Han's much more.

As You Wish: Inconceivable Tales from the Making of the Princess Bride- This is one of my favorite movies! I really enjoyed getting a glimpse of behind the scenes happenings and the backstory of the movie/ characters. Two thumbs up for your portrayal of Wesley and your book, Cary. 


  1. have you heard uglies series by Scott westerfeld? also YA fiction? I got the second one pretties as a library prize.. didn't know that it's a series. oops. so I bought the first one and had it sent to the beach house. But they could not deliver it! ugh. so now I have to first one at home....

    love your recs... keep them coming

  2. Love that you are reading Little House to your girls!

    Just reviewed a foodie book; not a memoir but full of recipes :)


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