Sep 22, 2016

Life Lately {September}

Good gracious, September. 

I feel like we jump head first into every week, pause a little to come up for a brief bit of air on the weekends, and then start all over again come Monday. "Case of the Mondays" is legit. My go and do and be here on time muscles are super rusty after a slow and mostly unscheduled summer. Pedometer be darned- I miss being able to lounge on the couch and hold Cora for long periods of time.

Evie started full-day Kindergarten in late August, so that's been an acclimation for all of us. Knowing the parents of a handful of her classmates makes me grateful for our community, and it's so nice to have veteran resources for my questions and general cluelessness about all the school things.
I bought a little picnic hamper at the thrift store over the summer, and during quiet time she'd often take picnics out back (really a glorified excuse for afternoon snacking, but you're only little once ;). I think she misses those little carefree excursions. Ah, sweet summer.
Audrey started two-day a week preschool and l-o-v-e-s it. I, in turn, love hearing her tell me about her day with her Audrey accent. :) 
I've already bungled things and embarrassed myself in regards to her school but such is life.
We squeezed apple picking in with my mom, sister, and little niece before school started. We picked all Honey crisp and gladly ate every single one. I'm glad I can say we completed a fall-related bucket list item- I feel quite accomplished with the one aaand it may be the only one we get to (grocery store pumpkins, we're coming for you).
Apple Picking in Winchester, VA
A couple of Saturdays ago Tim was working in the morning and I decided I couldn't spend one more minute solo-parenting cooped up in the house so I loaded up the girls in the van and drove to...the library. Several months ago I had sworn off going there with the girls after an epic and embarrassing scream-fest during checkout, so I'm pretty sure going that day with all the girls was a prompting of the Holy Spirit! We went, we did some puzzles, we borrowed a slew of books, and we made our exit with NO screaming, tears, mad escapes, or whining. I know we had some extreme outpourings of grace for that trip.
Then because I probably say 10 no's to every one yes for something fun I took the girls to get ice cream. By myself. And lived! It was unbearably hot and also lunchtime, so it definitely wasn't the brightest idea I've ever had, but the girls were so good and excited for the treat and such troopers to endure the heat! 
Also, the outdoor tables and low number of patrons worked in our favor to provide a low-stress outing. ;)
Ice cream soup for three, please.
I know this is pathetic but when I see the glowy afternoon light like this, I already miss it, knowing it's getting a little darker each day. I know each season has it's pluses and perks...but I just love the light.
Cora has reached the three-month mark and is just the pudgiest baby that ever was (this picture doesn't do justice to her squishy and round belly). Her two-month stats are the biggest of the four, which surprised me. Sweet growing girl!


  1. I'm totally with you - September has just flown! It feels like having the boys in school has weirdly made the days move faster - I feel like I blinked and it's already Friday!

  2. Love afternoon light too!! Glad the girls are enjoying their schools.
    So fun to know that I got to hold and love on that beautiful squishiness!

  3. I hear you! Fall is such a beautiful time, but the summer is slipping away.

  4. Wow I am seriously impressed you took everyone to the library AND out for icecream without any help! You are inspiring me to finally just suck it up and take the kids to the library.

    Also, I SO KNOW what you mean about the evening light. Usually, I am so excited about fall, but this summer feels like it just went by too quickly. I want to hold onto these longer days and warm temperatures!!

    Evie looks so grown up! And Cora is getting so big- what a cutie.


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