Oct 6, 2016

A Second Birthday for Heidi Jo

 Heidi turned two at the end of September and this past weekend we celebrated with my family fall style- pizza, beer, and football. :)
Not that older ages require high-maintenance celebrations but I especially love this age because the thought of cake + candles period excites them. 
On her actual day we celebrated with gifts, pizza, and brownies- my food choices but she was happy. :)
 She didn't even seem to mind her eager older sisters "willingly help" to open her gifts.
This picture cracks me up- Evie taking dibs on Heidi's new board books while the present opening continues
This girl is so precious I can hardly handle it. She definitely has an element of two-year-old stinker in her- opens anything she can, sifts through wallets, climbs up on shelves, eats my Chapstick (sure, help yourself!)-  but the preciousness eclipses the stinker.  
Shoes and sunglasses make her world go 'round.
I love all the cute words- pup (cup), tails (pig-tails), puppin (pumpkin), Mae-me (Mary), 'Pay (Guadalupe)- and her voice inflection when she talks. She counts to ten and identifies some colors and letters but you wouldn't know she could talk just meeting her- she clams right up and gives a good side-eye.
Recently I put on The Sound of Music for her, skipping through to most of the songs. After about the fifth "again" of Do-Re-Mi, I was so happy we had one more fan in the family.
She has such cute little curls. Sadly, I don't think they'll last but at least we have proof they existed.
She has only recently started saying Cora's name ("Co-ga"); since June she's called her the very non-generic name "Baby". When she sees one of her sisters holding her she gets in a big huff and hollers, "No! MY. Baby."
Also, sometimes they both seem about the same size...

We love her lots, Chapstick eating and all. ;)


  1. Happy birthday sweet Heidi!
    {nice bday photos, Lisa!}

  2. Happy Birthday to her!!
    Glad she had a good day!

  3. Aww happy birthday to little Heidi! She is such a sweet girl- love all the pics! It looks like she had an amazing birthday (also- the popcorn- so cute and such a fun idea!!)


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