Oct 26, 2016


So the other night I was finishing up reading this book about JPII to the girls and was just filled with gratefulness that I got to be alive during his pontificate. For most of us, he was the only pope we knew for a good chunk of our life. He was *our* pope. We were there for World Youth Days with him, his visits to the USA, and audiences in Rome. We were the young people he addressed as being the hope of the Church. We witnessed him pour himself out like Christ at the end and watched the 24-7 news coverage when his life on earth was complete.

I feel a little twinge of sadness for my girls and their generation  that they won't "know" him the way we did, you know? But...we can share with them our stories and experiences. I recently told my girls how, during public gatherings, the crowds would sometimes chant, "John Paul II, we love you!" and he would at times reply, "John Paul II, he loves you" and then played this random clip that I found on YouTube (below). How cool is it that we can show our kids, oh you know, just a video with a saint in it that can be pulled  up with a few taps of a keyboard?? NBD.

*Side note* If you're ever in D.C. you should make a stop at the St. John Paul II Shrine. It's basically right next door to the Basilica, has free parking which is just magical for D.C., and is super family friendly (we took our double stroller!), not to mention the awesome exhibit covering JPIIs life and pontificate. Definitely worth a visit.

St. JPII, pray for us!


  1. I showed the kids that youtube video of JPII on autotune "singing" Dynamite and they LOVED IT and I almost cried because you've just GOTTA love the man so much. We really need to get to the JPII shrine some time - Andrew wants to see the Thomas More exhibit , so I think we'll have to make a trip up to DC once the baby's born and I can actually function somewhat again ;)

  2. Love JPII. He was "my topic" for our Italy pilgrimage. I read about his life and was amazed even more.

    1. How cool! And I need to read more about his life; I've only read short bits and pieces and would love to read his biography sometime.


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