Nov 4, 2016

{7QT} Mothball Complaints, Books, and Fall TV

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As I write this I'm inhaling the scent of mothballs with each breath and think I might die. Recently we've had mice in our cars (again!) and our car mechanic said they don't like the scent of mothballs (guess what- neither do humans), so he suggested putting some in panty hose to hang under our cars. Now, if you sit too close to the garage door you get a nose-full.
If I ever happen to park next to your car I apologize in advance for the nasal assault!

We had a really nice Halloween- joined family for pizza beforehand and then trick-or-treated in my parent's neighborhood. There's a fair amount of people from our church and school community who live there, so it's great to go to houses we know or see familiar faces when we're out begging for candy. 
Our costume theme this year was: princess dresses from the dress-up box. ;)
 Cora had a cute Halloween outfit on earlier but pooed out of it, like her sisters before her have been wont to do on holidays. C'est la vie.
Also pictured: an elephant and Owlette
Some seasonal book love:
Sleeptight Farm: A Farm Prepares for Winter- Such a cute book for fall and winter, and I love the illustrations.
 Christmas in Noisy Village- I borrowed this from our library since they didn't have Children of Noisy Village, and it is so delightful I can't wait to borrow it again come December. It's a picture book (not chapter like I think the first one is?) and a charming look at Old World Christmas traditions.

Set in the 1930s and about a British family who heads to Corfu for a fresh start. We've only seen the first two or three episodes but so far, so good! And that scenery!

Lately I've been thinking about what's saving my life right now à la Modern Mrs. Darcy. First up: white baby socks. All the baby socks I've ever purchased have had some sort of color on them- you know, flowers, all pink, shoe socks, etc.- so over the years we've amassed a quite a good amount of itty bitty unmatched socks. And the ease of having them all be the same color is such a glaringly obvious and simple thing I can't believe it's taken me this long to figure out.

Also *sort of* saving my life right now: organization solutions for doll clothes and shoes.
There's been really no set place for the girls' doll clothes to get put away which leads to doll clothes scattered hither, thither, and yon. All along we've had that little pink set of drawers but no set use for it use and the low bar in their closet not in use either (crossing my fingers no one decides to hang on it). One day I decided to see if the little doll-dress hangers fit on the bar and- they did! Then I realized the pink drawers were a perfect size for little clothes, so problem solved. 

Same thing for the shoes in our family room- in need of a storage solution and the basket answered.

Now if only there was a way to keep everything put away. ;)

All the fall leaves are hitting their peak right now and it is SO beautiful! I want to pull the car over every other minute to snap pictures of all the gorgeous color medleys.

Here's a laugh for your Friday:
I saw this on Instagram; I want to be friends with whoever wrote that!
Happy weekend!


  1. I ordered that Noisy Village picture book for the kids for Christmas a few days ago - Cecilia LOVES the first two chapter books and has read them and reread them so many times! We're looking forward to the picture book :)

  2. Thanks for the great book recommendations!


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