Nov 2, 2016

How NOT to Take Decent Photos of Your Kids

Disclaimer: I am not a professional or even an amateur photographer and all suggestions are solely based on my experience.

Tip #1: Try to dress your kids in coordinating clothes.
Clearly the two-year-old knows that's an absurd notion and will make a stink over your chosen outfit. 
Tip #2: Suggest the nice-looking brown boots for said two-year-old's photo footwear.
Obviously the gaudy Hello Kitty boots will be a much bigger draw, resulting in tears which will then lead to socked feet in all the photos.

Tip #3: Insist on taking the photos. Keep on pushing even if you have an inkling to stop after the first power-struggle.

Tip #4: Take the photos on a beautiful, warm day with vibrant fall leaves in the background. 
Best to pick a day that's rainy and dreary as that will surely jive better with a certain child's mood.  

Tip #5: Position the chairs so there's a large gap in the middle:
Just so.
Tip #6: Ask your kids to smile.
Tip #7: Ask them to smile a normal, natural, everyday smile.
 Tip #8: Ask them to look at the camera.
Tip #9: Never learn how to shoot in manual and then pick a setting on your camera and snap away without checking how the photos are turning out.
 Tip #10: Make sure you're the only adult around so there's no help when the baby spits up.

That should do it!


  1. They are perfect :) seriously, you will still be glad you took them ten years from now.

    1. Thanks, Rachel! And you're right; it'll be nice to have photos with their little personalities. :)

  2. I really like the one after tip #8!
    Great effort!!

  3. Hahaha! When our 3yo "poses" he always flaps his hands by his face. I'm not sure who taught him jazz hands, or why, but at any rate his blurry hands are a given in any family picture. "Someday it will be cute," I tell myself

    1. Haha, it's nice to know we're not the only ones who have "flair" in family photos! ;)


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