Nov 21, 2016

Life Lately {November}

On Saturday the two older girls plastered Pinkalicious stickers on their bedroom wall. Tim said they had set up an entire scene but I didn't look at it because I knew I would be the opposite of gracious and merciful about the situation. I am so anti-stickers on things other than paper or clothes- they must have known. Then today Evie took scissors to some of Audrey's hair and now Audrey is sporting a random lock of very short hair on the right side. Why??

It *has* been over a year since this happened, so I guess there was pent up mischief just waiting to pour out in some form or other.

 Cora just turned five months old and I feel like she is so big already! She and Heidi wear the same diaper size now and I'm gathering the nine-month clothing to put her in.
I had to take her to see a specialist recently because our family doctor was concerned her anterior fontanelle closed prematurely. Thankfully the specialist doesn't think it's a problem and hopefully the follow-up in three months will have the same outcome. 

While I was walking around the hospital trying to find the right department, though, the muslin blanket I use for a nursing cover fell off my bag and I didn't if you're ever wondering how to get comfortable nursing in a mostly-full waiting room, that's one way to do it (although I don't recommend it!). (At the very least I had some cover with the Ergo awkwardly slung over the front.)

I'm almost finished with my Christmas shopping which I'm hoping to wrap up (ha!) before Advent starts. The thing is, I have always loved Christmas shopping and it never used to bother me when I still needed to shop for gifts even days before Christmas, so I was thinking about why it's become such a big deal to me the past several years. I've concluded that: A. I just don't have the free time to devote to it like I did before kids, B. between parenting, doing the Advent things, and Christmas prep, I have, and C. I need peace in my life.

If gift shopping needs pop up before Christmas I feel all:


Speaking of Advent, I recently found out about a version of "Gabriel's Message" sung by Sting and I completely love it (the video is kinda kooky but the song is so pretty to listen to). Hansel sums up my feelings about Sting's music well:
"Sting. Sting would be another person who's a hero. The music he's created over the years, I don't really listen to it, but the fact that he's making it, I respect that." 
Last week I popped in to a resale store for a quick gander and was excited to find a an inexpensive mirror that just needed some spray paint on the frame. Luckily the weather was balmy and sunny and amazing, so I was able to paint it while Cora took a short snooze. It now hangs it in Evie and Audrey's room (where it's too high for them to use- oops!):
And silly as it sounds I was so grateful for the whole "project" because things like that breathe life into my life. Some days are so filled with dishes, driving, changing diapers, meal prep, barely keeping the house out of the disaster zone, etc. and they run into more days of the same. I begin to feel like a shell of myself and I need "me" things to balance it all out.
For good measure here are some pictures from a Halloween party we went to a while back:

I just love this one :)
Happy Thanksgiving week!


  1. Oh, the stickers. Maybe we can start writing to our new politicians asking them to support a ban? I think we could get something going among moms on the internet. :)

    That mirror is just perfect for your little girl gallery wall. What a find! I know what you mean about a little project going a long way for mom sanity. We had to re-organize our living room, so now I need to make our wall hangings fit the new set up. It's been awkward for a couple weeks, and I can't wait to take things down and go to town with painting and laying things out.

    Have a happy Thanksgiving! :)

  2. I still have LOTS of shopping to do... I managed to get stuff for hubs and my mom (and for myself!) during the thanksgiving sales and BF sales. With online shopping, I am not panicking yet. sales are everywhere and free shipping is awesome.... now please give me ideas besides toys for my little ones.


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