Dec 5, 2016

So They Say {2}

Evie: Any number minus itself is zero.
Me: Wow, Evie, you're right...where did you learn that?
Evie: In my head. My brain gave it to me. For my birfday.

Addressing the LOUDNESS coming from Audrey's room during naptime-
Me: Honey, you really need to be quiet; I can hear you all the way downstairs.
Audrey (wearing a fake lei): Well, I'm just saving my girls because the Arabian sea has sharks.
Audrey: And I'm just tossing them onto the ship. 

Evie musing aloud in the car:
I want to go to all the places I've never been before. Gloria Days, Krispy Kreme...and, uh, Hawaii.

Observing Heidi strutting around in her diaper-
Audrey: Mom, it's not appropriate to walk around the house with just a diaper on. That's called...showing your diaper.
All you scantily clad babies, take note.
Having no luck locating her school library book-
Evie (matter-of-factly): There's just one thing to in one of my own books.

After a few minutes of trying to persuade me to get a dog (no):
Audrey: Well, I can clean up the poop with a broom and a dust pan.
And after assuring her the answer is still no-
Audrey: We can get a cat.  

In the middle of dinner a thoughtful Evie states: 
I love to eat butter. 

Evie: How old is God?
Me: He is...older than everything.
Evie: I fink he's 90 years old.

Silence at the dinner table, then-
Evie: Mom, when you're 69, what will you look like?

While visiting Cora in the hospital Audrey's first question:
Is that her container that she sleeps in?

and after giving her new sister a good long look:
I love her little feet the best of her body.

Evie (coming inside after finger-painting on the patio):
 *sigh* The mosquitoes want to drink my blood.

Evie (wailing after it was realized that Audrey accidentally left her purse at the park near the Civil War museum, where there was a soldier re-enactment that day):
Will the strange enemies take the purse?

After watching a few different musical scenes from Hello Dolly-
Audrey: Mom, why are they smiling so much? And dancing around outside?

And a parenting backfire- one day after some difficulty playing with her sisters I pulled Evie aside and tried to explain to her that Tim and I won't always be around and sisterly relationships are a gift. Well, sobbing ensued and for the rest of the afternoon Evie would intermittently tear up over the thought of Tim and I both dying. After apologizing (again) for upsetting her I asked her about being so sad.
 Evie: Because. Four girls and no parents sounds like an ugly story!

And finally...
Recently Evie proudly presented us with a card she had made (at home) for a boy in her class:
Tim: Wow, so is this you and him getting married?
Evie (quite perplexed): No- that's a picture of me marrying another man when I'm older.
Because obviously.


  1. These made my day! I enjoy the little things kids (my own and other's) say so much. Thanks for sharing. :)
    My husband has the same question about musicals, "Why are they dancing around so much?!?!"

  2. Haha, I love musicals but those questions are so legit- so, everyone keeps spontaneously bursting into the same song and dance steps at the same time. Riiight. ;)

  3. Love these!

    Evie and Lisbeth would get along great; she would eat straight butter if we let her.

  4. My heart is melting! Kids are just the best x

    Jessica — NinetyCo

    1. Definitely never a dull moment with them! :)

  5. haha.. that's her marrying another man! hilarious. thanks for sharing. these are the best.


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