Jan 15, 2017

7 Quick Favorites

Linking up with Kelly to share seven favorites of late. In no particular order plus completely unrelated photos...

A couple of years ago I was looking for a new natural deodorant to try and I figured this one had decent merit since it had high reviews on Amazon and wasn't super expensive. I knew it was a bit of a gamble, as toiletry products don't always work the same for everyone. Well, two years later I'd still give it five stars!

 post-naptime shadow selfie
I've been using Clinique's tinted moisturizer for many years but found it was discontinued when I went to purchase a bottle a few months ago. Not wanting to spring for the $30 CC cream that was recommended in its place, I searched around the internet for a similar product at a cheaper price point and have been happily using this ever since.

For my girls' hair I've found these large snap hair clips and any alligator clips with the teeth have the best staying-in power. The latter are more difficult to find, ergo I was so happy to come across this Etsy shop with inexpensive alligator teeth bows, offered in multiple colors and sizes!
Christmas came early this year with this Thanksgiving day purchase. Over the last several months mold has grown on several surfaces and objects in our basement. :-/ As mold remediation was out of the question financially, I felt like we were trapped with this awful problem and regularly had nightmares about the mold. After much Googling to try and figure out some solution I started diffusing thieves oil downstairs, and we decided to purchase a dehumidifier. I know there are still some steps we need to take with the mold issue, but emptying several buckets of water pulled from the basement air has given me much more peace of mind!

I'm sure we have one too many alphabet books but when I saw these time period ones (Victorian! Roaring Twenties!) I promptly fell in love.

Paper snowflakes have never been my strong suit, so I was glad to come across this inexpensive snowflake stencil book for Evie. She's been having fun with it during quiet time, as well as REALLY enjoying this Mo Willems activity book. She has literally spent hours engrossed in the pages, and it has been so fun to witness her creativity with it!

Spring is obviously still a season away but is it ever to early to look for cute warm weather shirts?

When a Venerable becomes canonized- #Catholicproblems

That's all for now. Happy Sunday!


  1. Those alphabet books! I hadn’t seen those before. They are darling.

    1. I know! I love the illustrations!

  2. Hi
    Those alphabet books look amazing but the shirt tag links back to the dehumidifier.

    1. Oops- thanks for pointing that out! Should be fixed now. :)

  3. I LOVE those hair clips!!! They are adorable. Thank you for the link!

    And uggg the mold sounds awful but I'm so glad that the dehumidifier is taking care of it!


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