Jan 4, 2017

Christmas Vacay

I have to begin this with an embarrassing story. Last year at Christmastime we gave our mailman (postman? mail carrier?) a box of Trader Joe's chocolate covered Joe Joes and a homemade card pulled straight out of the dregs of all homemade cards. I was kind of embarrassed when we received a thank you note in return from him, because that meant he knew we were the ones with the pathetic thank you offering! (I mean, I'm sure he has hundreds of houses on his route, but there's something about being acknowledged instead of simply blending in to all the other households, you know?). Anyways, he signed his name at the bottom and for the rest of the year whenever I passed him or saw him in his little mail truck I'd think to myself, "There goes Kevin!". 
Well, this year I knew all those Amazon Prime boxes arriving on our doorstep warranted a little more thanks, so we gave him a proper card with a little gift card tucked inside, and after hemming and hawing over how to address it on the front I simply wrote "For: Kevin" and placed it inside the mailbox...and last week when we I opened his thank you note my eye caught something right at the bottom of the card which made me holler, "Oh NO. Oh no! Oh no!" while tossing the note into Tim's lap (who afterwards said he thought, by my reaction, we'd lapsed our mortgage or something). Because it was signed:  
"From your mail carrier, Keith".
Now I'd just like a hole to hide in with no mailing address, thanks.
Name gaffes aside, we've had such a nice Christmas season. Both Evie and Audrey had Christmas programs at their schools (I forgot the camera for one and forgot to put the SD card back for the other- boo!). Evie's was on my birthday which rounded out the day nicely- I was able to get out for a few hours with my sister and we had pizza for dinner, so all in all it was grand. :) When my sister and I were texting plans for the day I decided all I wanted to do was get a sit-down coffee somewhere (something I miss doing so much- is that weird?) and then go shopping, specifically go try on clothes in a store- something I haven't done in ages! I ended up finding a dress for Christmas at a new J. Crew Mercantile (be still my heart).
Mid-December we were all planning to go to a Bethlehem Walk at a nearby parish but the frigid temps kept us at home with Heidi and Cora while my parents took Evie, Audrey, and one of their cousins. I was disappointed to miss it but there's always next year (hopefully)!

I think Heidi's favorite pastime was un-trimming the tree
Have you ever been in a situation where you make a poor decision and then every decision that follows (to try a right the wrong one) turns out to be a bad one? Welcome to my Christmas Eve morning.
Evie and Audrey both really needed trims and I decided I didn't want to wait until after Christmas, so at the recommendation of a friend, we headed out to a new-to-us hair place. Long story short- I went to the wrong shopping center twice (Google was to blame for one of those), tried two other random places that had no openings, and waited inside another (because this time!) for almost 30 minutes without any hope that one of the four stylists would be finished with their clients soon. Since it was lunch time I said enough was enough and we headed to Chick-fil-A. I decided to drown my sorrows in a frosted coffee- BUT! I was denied as that particular Chick-fil-A is in agreement with the Starbucks next door not to sell them at that location (eye-roll). If Starbucks wasn't already dead to me, they would be now. The girls were SO good and patient all morning and I felt lousy for taking them along on a wild goose chase. I just wish I didn't try and force things to work out. I ended up trimming their hair that afternoon and it turned out better than my previous attempts on Evie. :)

We spent Christmas Eve evening at my parent's house with family, gorging on hors d'oeuvres and taking it easy.
^^^After peeking out on her father and uncles who were smoking pipes and cigars on the porch, Evie told me, "I'm finishing my pipe". Those men-folk and their good examples...
Our neighborhood has a tradition of putting out Farolitos on Christmas Eve- the past two years rain canceled the plans, so this was our first year seeing the whole neighborhood lit up and it was so neat, especially in the dark!
On Christmas morning we opened some gifts before mass, went to my parent's house for brunch, back home for naps, then back to my parent's again for dinner.
Audrey left Santa a post-it picture of her and him. :)
Heidi was SO sweet with her gifts- she happily played with her hand kite all during the present opening and was perfectly content. Then later she gathered a bunch of the wrapping bows to play with- this is when I love age two!

I don't know how the image got all distorted, but I had to include this picture of how Audrey spelled out her name. :) Shoes on the wrong feet and backwards spelling are my favorite.
On the 27th we made a quick visit to the Basilica in D.C. and then went across the street to the St. John Paul II Shrine to see the St. Thomas More exhibit. It was worth it, even with the meltdowns and missed naps. ;) The rest of the week everyone but myself was battling a respiratory virus, so we had mostly lazy mornings and no schedules and that part was wonderful!
Happy 2017 :)


  1. Your Kevin/Keith story made me laugh out loud! Thanks for sharing. I'm sure Kevin/Keith appreciated the chocolates anyway.

    Looks like a lovely Christmas!

    1. Haha, at least I don't have to see him face to face. :)

  2. Beautiful pictures ~ I especially like the sign about your hearth!
    Happy New Year!!


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