Jan 10, 2017

Finally Four

I once told myself I'd bring an equal amount of celebratory effort to the table for each child's birthday, but do I do it for my right-after-Christmas baby? NO. Have I ever? Never! (Well, maybe once.) And my sweet, sweet girl never makes a fuss about it. She just gleefully enjoys the tiniest measures I take to decorate or make her day not like every other routine day.

She didn't even bat an eyelash that we didn't have dessert on her actual birthday, or that her celebration with my family got postponed a week, OR that she shared a cake + family celebration with myself and my parents when we finally did have a "party". (Note to self- be more like her!) So, by golly, I am going to at least write her birthday post.

Audrey is my helper girl. She is always asking if she can help make lunch/dinner and eagerly pipes up if she suspects I'm about to start baking something. She loves wearing skirts and dresses and is very much her own stylist. Exhibit A:
Tim and I aren't sure what to make of the black socks- maybe a nod to his days as a monk?
She loves to play pretend and answers for her "kids", and if I say she's being too loud she's quick to tell me that it wasn't her, it was one of her girls.

Her reactions and responses often give Tim and I pause (in the best way).
The other day she was telling Evie about someone her age who (she felt) whined a lot. I cut in and said, "Let's not talk about people who aren't here; Jesus doesn't like us to be uncharitable." Without missing a beat Audrey replied (with a knowing tilt of her head), "Well, I'm sure Jesus doesn't like whining."

At the conference with her teacher, her teacher related to me a time when Audrey was telling her about some situation and at the end of her tale Audrey clasped her hands and declared, "and it was dreadful!".

The Friday after New Year's we went to the dinner at the K of C club room. It was all older couples who were there that night and as we were leaving, saying our general good-byes to the room, Audrey threw up her arms in the air and proclaimed, "AND A MERRY CHRISTMAS HOLIDAY!".
She loves her sisters and has no qualms about introducing them to people. Today Evie had no school so I had all four girls with me when taking Audrey in to her classroom. I'll admit I was a little embarrassed to parade a crowd of kids through the halls during drop-off and was in no mood for fielding "hands full" remarks, but Audrey just blazed a trail to her classroom and proudly told anyone near her that Cora was her baby and Evie was her big sister.

I truly need to be more like her!

Happiest 4th year to our sweet girl!


  1. I giggled at all your little descriptions of Audrey's personality. What a gem!

    PS-- Jesus does *not* like whining. She's right. :)

    1. Haha, I agree! Also, my mom used to remind me that a priest we know would say, "Whiners are losers"- he must have the same tolerance for whining that I do...now that I'm on the receiving end of it. ;)

  2. What a character! Happy birthday, Audrey 😊😊😊


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