Feb 9, 2017

Little Extras for that Winter Life

...or post-Christmas months at any rate. December is superb; it's winter in between then and spring that lacks that rosy hue for me! Here are some bright spots of late: 

Weekly applesauce bread (with golden raisins!)- this is a recipe that I make strictly in the fall/ winter solely because the ingredients just have that cinnamon-y-goes-with-cold-weather taste. I've been making it just about every week and it's a nice pairing with morning coffee. :)

Spotting daffodil shoots creeping up in our yard.
 Of course we just had snow today but at least there's a visual of things to come!

A quote Dwija posted by Ven. Fulton Sheen about offering up three things every day, combined with embracing the concept I read here: "It will never be easier to do than right now" (or something to that effect- can't find the exact post!). I am terrible about offering things up or even thinking about offering things up! Somehow having those two quotes come to the forefront of my mind, when I really don't feel like going down to the basement for a carton of milk offers a boost to just do it. And later, I'm happy that those tasks are completed!

A line-up of several books I really want to read. I love finishing a good book knowing there are more I'm eager to dive into- Truly Madly Guilty, As I Remember, Wisdom and Innocence: A Life of G.K. Chesterton are a few I look forward to cracking open soon.

Taking time for small self-care measures like a ten-minute face mask, finally removing that ghastly toenail polish, or cleaning make-up brushes...for the first time ever.

A break from the daily routine. Lately motherhood has been feel so hard- just all the time hard. Long days, interrupted sleep, and early mornings snowballed to the point where all I could see was the difficult or monotonous. Tim was working from home this afternoon and suggested I take Evie somewhere after picking her up from school, so we went to a new coffee shop and sipped hot beverages while sharing a brownie. Oh my goodness, being in that coffee shop with my five-year-old made all the difference in my week. We watched the snow blow around outside. We talked. She got powdered sugar all over her top and chocolate around her mouth. I was able to see beyond diapers and duties and sippy cups. I was able to enjoy watching her look around and gallop down the sidewalk afterwards. I feel like taking breaks is such an obvious thing but often gets shoved down the list of important things.
 That's all for now- happy (almost) weekend!

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  1. Great list and thanks for the recipe!
    Love grabbing one-on-one time with my kids!

  2. Lisa, I love this list. You totally inspired me to do two things: paint my toes (I haven't done that in ages and it makes life so much brighter), and take one kid out for some one on one time. I am sure Evie really enjoyed that time! Also, that recipe sounds yummy and much healthier than the pumpkin bread with cream cheese frosting I just made (and I keep wondering WHY I can't lose this baby weight, hellooooo!) Hope you have a great weekend!


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