Mar 22, 2017

Life Lately {March}

Earlier in the month I was able to attend our diocesan women's conference and hear Immaculee Ilibagiza speak- wow, her talk was amazing! (Also, she is stunning.) She told her story (obv.) but also went into more depth about her background, and Our Lady of Kibeho. I'm so glad I got to go, and I definitely want to read more about that apparition!

 That same dayTim took three of the girls to the St. Patrick's Day Parade in our town and deserves a huge pot o' gold for braving the frigid elements with a 3:1 kid to parent ratio amid the other populace!

Along with many of the other eastern states we had a snowstorm last week, which the girls were delighted about. They got a lot of good play hours out of it before it melted, and I got some baking done- snow always puts me in a big baking mood. They should change the lyrics to "Let It Snow":
 "Oh the weather outside is frightful
But eating all these baked goods is delightful
 I don't care if my clothes fit no mo'
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow"
Also, it was so cute to watch Heidi outside. She was walking on top of the snow/ice in all her puffy-suit glory and not even making a dent- Tim and I both laughed she was like Legolas!

Books- I've been slowly reading Originals: How Non-Comformists Move the World. I find it super interesting but haven't been great about giving myself a good stretch of time to read in the evening, so I fall asleep after only getting a few pages in most nights.

This one was a request in our recent library haul- the story is not anything amazing but something about it paired with the illustrations is so charming and whimsical that I just loved it to pieces.
And Country Bunny and the Little Golden Shoes makes me want to cry every time I read it- I think it's secretly a book for moms, to give them a good "Chin-up!" and "You matter!" and "Someday your kids will do all the chores!".

Most mornings of late we've seen this hawk in our yard (just over the swing on the left). I wonder if it's hunting something? Or just wishing for a way to go down the tube slide?
Cora turned 9 months and is finally showing interest in food! Turns out feeding yourself people food is more preferable than being spoon-fed baby food- who knew? She seems like she's just on the cusp of crawling, waves, claps, and clasps her hands during Grace. She was sleeping through the night until about six months old when respiratory illnesses and teething usurped our peaceful nights- but we won't talk about that. :(

Finally, my Etsy shop is up and running!


  1. Congratulations on the shop! Checking it out next. :)

  2. I'm checking the etsy shop now!


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