May 13, 2017

Hawaii or Bust!

The second part of our trip- from Portland to Hawaii- began with a series of unfortunate events. (I forgot to mention in my last trip post that Cora was diagnosed with a double ear infection several days before our trip to Oregon, so poor baby was not feeling well!) First-off, we got a late start out the door to the airport. Our flight was at 8-something AM and after gassing up the rental car we arrived at curbside drop-off I think around 7:40! And Tim still had to return the car. 

This is when the crazy level turned up a notch. We unloaded the girls and tried to keep an eye on them while unloading all of our stuff: one large bag with two booster seats, and two more sizeable bags with a car seat each (all of which Tim had to take out of the car and pack just then), one duffle bag, two large suitcases, the diaper bag, camera bag, adult backpack packed to the brim, two kid-sized backpacks, and the umbrella stroller.
Mayer, party of circus, arriving for our flight.

I was wearing Cora in the Ergo, and as Tim was wrangling all the things, Heidi became sick to her stomach. There, on the curb. With onlookers probably questioning our abilities to adult. I gave myself huge points for not freaking out or alerting Tim since he was so busy and still had to return the rental car. I grabbed some wipes, cleaned her up, and huffed it several yards to toss them in a trashcan as Tim drove away. I missed the part where we acquired a luggage cart but somehow we had which was a huge blessing because I was left to bring all of our things + the four girls inside by myself. This was one scenario in my life which I felt was an absolute logistical impossibility, not to mention nightmare! And I know, I KNOW I looked like a lunatic trying to direct the girls inside.
All the stares, don't care!

 I pushed the cart while carrying the duffle and diaper bags (wearing Cora) and I think at least one of the monster-sized car seat bags. I've blocked a lot out. Audrey, God bless her, pushed Heidi and her vomit-covered jacket in the loaded down stroller, and Evie tagged along, blissfully ignorant of the chaos.

The next Everest to scale was entering the airport through the large revolving door, the likes of which our girls have hardly any familiarity with, especially not while pushing a stroller! There were lots of sink or swim moments on this trip and right now we sank. Audrey lost her bearings and she and Evie confusedly stalled several times while still in one of the slots. I've blacked the rest out- somehow we exited (not without my swearing and yelling, mea maxima culpa), with an audience, of course, and made a sinuous route towards the (lineless- hooray!) Hawaiian Airlines desk. On the way a sympathetic airport employee asked if I needed help but I assured her my husband was coming to meet us at any moment- attempting to navigate the roped walkway to the desk and start checking in was not on my list of things I felt I could handle...buuut I was quickly notified by the airline staff across the way that we needed to check-in immediately, as both our baggage and us were dangerously close to missing the flight!
Merlin's line from The Sword in the Stone was quite appropos for this scenario: "Blow me to Bermuda!" (or Hawaii, as it were.)
Image result for blow me to bermuda sword in the stone gif

Well, we did make the flight, and added many things to our list of "Things we will never do again when traveling". The girls were such troopers through it all and what a relief it was to land on Oahu (also, we recommend flying Hawaiian Airlines!).
We came to visit my sister and her family (my brother-in-law is military) and it was such a great visit! The girls had so much fun with their cousins and they took such great care of us during our stay.

Our first full day we visited the Botanical Gardens

and the day after that we headed to the beach only to find out Box Jellyfish had taken up residence there, so we decided to head into Waikiki to swim at the Hale Koa Hotel (open to military)- we knew we wouldn't get stung there. ;) My sister told me my grandparents and great-aunt and uncle had stayed there many years ago when they came to Hawaii which was so fun to hear.

These Sisters get prime locations for their great work!

 Rain dampened our plans for the next couple of days, so we explored the Bishop Museum (got to see a real lava flow demonstration!), hit-up the Swap Meet at Aloha Stadium for some shopping, and drove a scenic route around the island.
"From Here to Eternity" beach
One thing I found interesting was the names of some of the Catholic Churches we came across. Names like St. Roch, Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, and St. John Vianney- I don't know what names I would expect on Hawaii but I thought those were interesting picks!

Also, the last time Tim and I were in Hawaii we were there during the feast of St. Damien of Molokai BUT in Hawaii they celebrate it on April 15th, so nothing was going on during the May feast. I found it ironic that this time we arrived just days after his April feast day!
On Sunday we had a good beach day and I got a good sunburn. Sunscreen application- why must it be such a pain?

Several evenings we were provided free "Luau" entertainment by the kiddos. :)
 Whew, this is lengthy. I'll pause here and pick back up later!

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  1. "I blocked a lot out" --- don't we all?
    You're super mama. All those bags and girls through a revolving door? I'm not sure I'd even attempt myself.

    These photos are beautiful. What camera do you guys use?


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