May 10, 2017

In-home version of dressing room selfies

Our recent trip to a warm climate brought to harsh light that my summer tops and shorts do not mix and match well. In retrospect over the past couple of summers, I should've been buying either printed/ patterned bottoms or printed/ patterned shirts to diminish constant washing of that one shirt that is the only match for those two pairs of shorts...20/20 hindsight and all that.
So I decided to look for some simple, easily matched tees, with necklines that don't constantly need adjusting. Without further ado, here are some recent wardrobe additions (don't mind the mirrors well overdue for cleaning!):
Everlane cotton scoop-neck
 Everlane cotton crew in stripe
 Everlane the cotton V (love the fit, but the color is definitely more peach than pale pink)

I'm really happy with these Everlane tees- I had one U-neck a few years back that fit all wrong but these are great. I prefer long shirts and these fit the bill. Plus, the basic colors and silhouettes offered helps minimize decision fatigue!
 This Loft dress! It is so very comfortable and the fabric has good stretch. I also love that it can handle flip-flops as well as dressier heels and jewelry. Most of the dresses in my closet are pretty one note, which is fine, but it's nice to have something with versatility.
Also, the sandals were a $1.99 thrifted find- from Brazil to boot!
 This Old Navy top looks a bit frumpified here...poor selfies aside, it has cute lace detail and is comfortable and floats away from the midsection. #postpartumcamouflageftw

That's all for now! Now I wouldn't mind if the summer temps arrived. :)


  1. good idea on the basic colors...
    the LOFT dress is an awesome find. I would totally buy it.

  2. It's a little pricey now but def. a good buy when Loft has their big sales! And darn- J. Crew factory has a near identical one in black and white stripe on clearance but only has one size left.

  3. Thanks for the tips and links..the Old Navy tank looks just the thing.


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