May 4, 2017

There and Back Again: Easter in Oregon

The first part of our trip out west!

We spent Easter in Oregon visiting Tim's family. We had two flights to get out there and the first one wasn't too too bad. I vaguely remember it being about par for the course for flying with young kids. :) Our layover was in Minneapolis where we happily plopped down at a Chick-fil-a for dinner, and although the girls were starting to get cranky -bedtime back home- we headed for a nearby play place. It had slides, lots of apparatuses to climb on, only one exit, and a changing table! Basically Disneyland.
Then the time came to head to our gate for flight #2 where we were greeted with an announcement that our plane was having technical difficulties and the mechanics wanted the flight delayed thirty minutes. 
Yeah. We were not born yesterday.
I'm pretty certain every single soul in hearing distance knew what they really meant was "tell the people the delay is thirty minutes to appease them and then when that time is up, tell them it's delayed longer, and repeat". Because that's what happened, of course. 
Airport parenting: using every trick in the book to keep meltdowns at bay. Headphones ftw!
I could get really detailed with this so I will try to quickly sum up! After a wait we were given a new plane in a different terminal. By this time it was after midnight our time. Evie was passed out in the umbrella stroller (don't ever, EVER travel without one!), Tim carried Heidi, and praise the Lord Audrey received a second wind and marched with purpose to the other terminal. 
More waiting awaited us and announcements like, "It's a bigger plane so we need one more flight attendant" sounded out periodically from the desk. By the time we boarded the plane we were about two hours behind schedule. The flight was long. The girls slept but fitfully. Audrey (next to me) became sick in her sleep, so Tim switched places with me. I was wearing Cora in the Ergo and had to sit on the edge of the aisle seat, as Evie was in a deep sleep stretched across the row. Cora and Heidi both cried during the descent (as they did the previous flight). By the time we reached my sister-in-law's house it was almost 6am by our body clocks and neither Tim nor I had slept. 

I guess it was appropos that we chose Holy Thursday/ Good Friday for our travels, although I can't say I offered much of it up well at all!
 I do not condone sticking tongues out even for silly pictures, but let me tell you my level of care was snuffed out by this point.
ASIDE FROM THE TRAVEL we had a good time in Oregon. All of Tim's siblings were home to celebrate and there were two nieces and one nephew who we hadn't yet met. The girls played and played with their cousins (nine altogether) and we visited with family a lot. 
Tim took the older two to the Good Friday service at Mount Angel Abbey, we did a local egg hunt with cousins on Holy Saturday at a home for Seniors, family pictures afterwards, and a family egg hunt on Easter Sunday after morning mass.
 A few things I want to note about the trip:
I don't think Evie and Audrey have ever had so much independence in their life! Tim's sister's house (where we stayed) has a large property that was entirely fenced. The girls spent a lot of the time outside on the play set and trampoline and came in and out with their cousins as they pleased. And with so many adults around there was always someone to log a complaint with or request food + drink from. ;)
We found out on Good Friday (Or maybe Holy Saturday?) that Heidi had an ear infection. She had a bit of a rough time with all the new faces as well as being in an unfamiliar place and understandably wasn't especially chipper, but she loved the dog Timber!
Staying with a cousin close in age and clothing size, Evie and Audrey lost NO time raiding their cousin A's wardrobe! She was very gracious about it- there was one day in particular where every single time I glimpsed Audrey throughout the day she was wearing a new (borrowed) outfit! I often questioned why I spent so much time figuring out outfits and packing when many things went unworn. *grumble, grumble*
Heidi got nursemaid's elbow our last day just as we were wrapping up at a restaurant. We quickly found an Urgent care and were told to go to the ER from there. By the time all six of us invaded the ER waiting room her arm had corrected itself, much to our relief! The nurse called our name just as we told Triage she was asymptomatic and we were going to leave- I felt slightly embarrassed but what can ya do? I'm just very grateful she didn't need an intervention!
All in all it was great to catch up with lots of family and enjoy beautiful spring in Oregon!


  1. Hope the rest of your trip is ER visit free!
    Glad the girls are having so much fun with their cousins!

  2. oh traveling with kids :/
    I have actually not flown with all 4 kids (!) we do lots of driving! and the ones that are >16 hours away ~~~ well, we just wait for them to fly out to Indy to see us. ;)

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