Jun 25, 2017

Life Lately {July} 7QT

Hitting publish after the nth day of working on these - linking up with Kelly better late than never!

It's been a week!
On Monday Audrey was sick and the only available doctor's appointment was an evening one at an office forty minutes away. At the last minute I brought Heidi with me since she had the same symptoms (high-ish fever, sore throat). On the way Heidi got sick to her stomach which is never pleasant but in a car seat it is a most, most unfortunate event. 
At the office both girls had their throats swabbed buuut when it was Heidi's turn it triggered her gag reflex and whatever was left inside her stomach emptied out onto my left thigh and the floor.
The poor girls were traumatized by the swabbing and after all that I was hoping we could at least leave with the promise of antibiotics, but the strep tests were negative and the diagnosis was acute viral pharyngitis (?!?). Thankfully they both recovered rather quickly!

The week before last was a full week for us- Audrey finished up preschool:

Evie graduated from Kindergarten:
When is it that they graduate to normal smiles in photos?
And Cora turned one!

Next year Audrey will be in pre-K at our parish school (same as Evie). I'm just really grateful for both schools; both girls had kind, attentive teachers that we'll miss.
In Audrey's preschool class this year were two other classmates from our Catholic community (one with whom the girls share cousins) and Evie has several classmates whose parents we've/ I've known for a good while...the Catholic world is big and small at the same time, you know?

With different sizes and seasons at play not every piece of baby clothing gets worn by each girl, but I realized all four girls have worn the same pink swimsuit! I couldn't find a picture of Heidi wearing the top but here they are:

So, I mentioned a while back on my Etsy shop's Instagram account that when we were in Hawaii I went thrifting at the Salvation Army (that a friend and I visited some eleven years ago to buy souvenir muumuus, haha!) and found some vintage pieces to list. Well, funnily enough a customer in Honolulu ended up buying one of the dresses- from Hawaii to Virginia and back again! What are the chances?!
After browsing Etsy for a while last month I went ahead and bought this vintage embroidered top for $26:

The fit is a little large but I decided I would make do.
Until I came across this one at Goodwill for five bucks that fit just fine! I'm going to try listing the one above on eBay (*if* anyone's interested in it just let me know (fits like a large)- my plan is to sell it for what I paid for it).

That's all for now! Hope you had a good weekend!

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  1. yay for preschool!
    I am in need of a boy gown for baptism. Sebastian's was a sweater overall/onesie. Daniel's was this bright shiny white material for a tux. I did not want to see it again. Where can I find a simple white gown??? thrift for me please?


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