Jun 6, 2017

So They Say {vol. 3}

Evie: I know who our pope is!
Me: Who?
Evie: Bishop Burbidge.
When winding down the birthday phone conversation to the girls' cousin-
Audrey: I want to talk to her again!
Me: Okay, you can tell her one more thing.
Audrey (diplomatically): Well, I have a lot more things.
Observing me nurse Cora-
Heidi: Mama, baby Cora's feeding you.

While visiting an airport Wendy's in the very early a.m.-
Evie (displeased): Are they melting crayons? Because it smells like crayon wax.
Talking to the Pilgrim Virgin statue that we had for a week-
Heidi: Hi Mary! I'm back. Mary, where did yours crown go? In bag?
On Superbowl Sunday
Evie: Who are you voting for in the Superbowl?

Heidi responses when contradicting her sisters:
Yes, I don't!
Yes, I'm not!
Audrey (sharing some big news): They killed an alliga-tah in Florida- and it was 4 INCHES TALL!
Evie: Cora's cheek is as soft as...
Me: A kitten?
Evie: No...as soft as mozzarella cheese.

When asked why she didn't want her chicken at dinner
Heidi: Be-cause. It's BORING.
Scuttling back towards the shelf, usurped candle in hand, when she sees me coming-
Heidi: Mama, I put this candle back so Cora don't lose it.
During a particularly difficult (highly emotional) evening-
An exasperated me: Evie, is something bothering you?
Evie (lying on the floor): Yeah. My life!

As you can imagine, we're a very low-drama household. ;)


  1. my faves:

    MY LIFE!!!

    and: the alligatah is 4 INCHES TALL! hilarious.

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