Oct 4, 2017

So They Say {4}

Me: Evie, would you like some Canadian Bacon for breakfast?
Evie: Sure. I miss that kind of ham, all my life.

Audrey (on the school nurse): She's nice- she doesn't even have shots.

Heidi (sleepily awakening after a nap): I woke up many years ago.

Pointing to the obviously trashed takeout box dumped in the parking spot next to us-
Audrey: Look! A bird feeder. Someone left food out for the birds.

Evie (thoughtfully): Heidi likes to climb things, so when she grows up she should be a light bulb changer or a telephone pole climber.

Hungrily eating a warm tortilla before dinner
Evie: I feel like St. Brigid...she had nothing to eat except butter.

Overhearing the girls playing war(?) in their room-
Audrey (fed up): I don't belong in this war!! I belong in a NICE war, a soft war...

Tim: Would you like to come with me to get birthday donuts for Evie?
Audrey (pleasantly forthright): Okay, but no listening to your news stories (podcasts), since we always listen to them.

Many minutes after being asked to clean up the Little People:
Audrey (sighs): I can't put away the Little People. Every time I try, they make me play with them.

After enjoying an afternoon snack-
Evie: That blueberry cereal bar felt like a little piece of pie cut into a rectangle.  

In a disagreement about whether Tim is tall or short:
Audrey: Well, one time a stick was taller than him, so he's short.  
#logic  :)


  1. Love these!

    Cleaning up toys is very difficult when they reach out and insist on being played with :)


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