Mar 13, 2019

So They Say {7}

Walking past the riding lawn mower-
Cora (pointing): "Dada's dragon."

One night at dinner-
Heidi (in earnest): "How many inches do *I* weigh?"

Me (holding up a white Peter Pan collared shirt): "Audrey, does this fit you anymore?"
Audrey: "It fits me. I just like more artistic things."

Evie looking at Costco's Halloween costumes-
"And they have Batman, and Batman's wife..."

Evie admiring the Nativity scene at church-
"And it has genu-ine straw!"

Me: "Cora, are you a contrarian?"
Cora: "No. I'm Cora."

Heidi: "Mommy, did you know Mary is pregnant? Yeah, look- there's a bump."

One night I was reminding Evie to wear an undershirt under her play shirts-
Me: "You're getting older and it's just something that older girls wear."
Evie: *giggling* "Like, a, ahh-"
Tim and I both look at each other and know we're each thinking she's thinking, "a bra".
Evie: *giggles some more* (says the randomest thing) "A jacket made out of jeans?"

Tim and I got a good laugh out of that one!😂

Jan 25, 2019

Life Lately & Last Year Favorites {7QT}

Linking up with Kelly!

It's crazy to think it has been a month since Christmas- the holidays seem so long ago, contrary to November 25th when they seem just around the corner!

We began the new year by celebrating Audrey's 6th birthday on New Year's Day with family.
On her actual birthday she and two of her sisters headed to the doctor's office for ear infections and swollen glands.:( Poor girl took it in stride and still was able to enjoy her gifts and some ice cream, though.

She loves her Guardian Angel doll from this shop!


Not long after she lost her first tooth! One of her birthday gifts was a peg doll tooth fairy box, so it was put right to use. :)

We had our first big snow, which the girls all enjoyed, and I enjoyed staying inside by the fire.

A couple of weeks ago I came down with some sort of virus that stayed in my chest and took a good week and some steroids to get over. It left me with little energy so I had to take it easy- it's funny how when the doctor says "rest and fluids" it's so easy to just skip over the rest part and think if I'm feeling at least marginally okay I should still go and do all the things. I'm finally realizing I won't get better by not allowing my body time to heal.
This year Tim and I planned that I would go to the March for Life but I was frustrated to miss it as I still wasn't well. Hopefully next year!


Thinking back on 2018...

This was one of my favorite photos:

It cracks me up so much because each was just doing her thing, and it looks like the album cover for their future boho band. 


One supremely exciting moment was spotting Derek Jacobi at Dulles airport on our return from our Ireland & Scotland trip. Tim actually recognized him as he passed us and I immediately turned around to stalk him and snap this photo:
I couldn't bring myself to let him *see* me being all paparazzi
He joins the ranks of "Celebrities Lisa Has Seen" such as:

Magic Johnson (was at a restaurant table near ours in CA)
One of the contestants on America's Next Top Model (at the same airport gate)
Bonnie Hunt & the hair transplant guy on "Return to Me" (my friend & I went to a taping of her show)
David Duchovny & Christina Hendricks (they were the guests on the show)
Eduardo Verastegui (went to the same Easter Vigil and after party)
Robert Duvall (sat in the booth RIGHT behind me at a local restaurant- I almost died)


This Novena of Surrender to God's Will - I heard about it at the Edel 2017 Gathering and prayed it last year. It is a truly beautiful and powerful novena (if you google surrender novena it will pop up in other places, too). Padre Pio said of the priest who wrote it, "The whole of Paradise is in your soul".

That's all for now- have a great weekend!

Dec 31, 2018

A Very Good December

Mostly! After Christmas three of our girls needed antibiotics, our dishwasher leaked onto the kitchen floor and ended up needing to be replaced, and our Christmas tree fell over (we had it up for only eight days!). On the bright side the sickness wasn't GI or respiratory, we have a new dishwasher that is prettier and infinitely quieter than the old one, and at least I won't be taking off the lights and ornaments come January which I always find to be glum!
This year I really relished having that week+ in between Thanksgiving and Christmas; it was so nice to put all the fall decorations away and have bare surfaces before slowly taking out things for Advent. I also felt like we had a good balance between doing seasonal things and opting out/ having free weekend days when we felt like it. This year Audrey got the Jesse tree set out (seriously probably made of the cheapest magnet material possible) and did it on her own every day. It was kind of great to just "let the chips fall where they may" on some things!

On the 1st we went to the local Christmas parade, which is something I *really* wanted to do. Every single year Tim had a work related event that always fell on the same day as the parade but since he switched jobs in August that no longer applied! It started spitting not long after the parade started, so we only stayed about an hour but all in all we were glad we went. :)

The next Saturday we went to the Knights of Columbus Christmas party for the kids, and the day after that the older girls and I attended "Madeline's Christmas" with my aunt, mom, sister, SIL, and two of the girls' cousins, afterwards going for pizza. I think that was one of my favorite outings in December! The play was really cute and it was fun to have a girls' day and to get time to eat good food and talk with everyone.

The last week of school before break Audrey and Heidi both had their school programs. Heidi was an angel in the Pre-K pageant and Audrey sang with her class in the evening program. 

Heidi is so cute in her puffy bunny slippers
On the 21st we all went to the Bethlehem Walk at a neighboring parish while my mom watched Cora. They re-create and act out what Bethlehem would have been like when Jesus was born and you walk through all the different "scenes". It was the first time Tim or I had gone and we were really impressed. I can't imagine all the time and effort that went into putting it on!

On Christmas Eve we went over to my parent's house for pizza and got a cousin picture with the girls all in their pjs. The next morning we opened some gifts, went to mass, and then hosted brunch for some of my family. It made for a nice, leisurely late morning/ early afternoon (and the mimosas didn't hurt either). After short naps we headed back over to my parent's for family dinner and a gift exchange. My sister suggested having a cookie exchange for dessert this year and it was a fun idea. Haha, Cora and her cousin twin also loved the idea, as the table was in perfect reach for them and in an area where the adults often weren't.

I'm not going to lie- I always like opening presents but I LOVE holidays with lots of good food. :)

This year one of my very favorite things was that Cora kept saying "Smis-mas" for Christmas and "tangles" for candles. 

Have a very happy holiday tomorrow and cheers to 2019!

Dec 16, 2018

Christmas 2018 Gift List

Figuring out the girls' gifts for Christmas is something I really enjoy doing. Maybe there'll come a day when I won't say that, or when I will be solely shopping from lists they've composed, but for now it's fun to do!

Here's what we'll be giving them this year:

For Evie:

She's mentioned several times that she wishes she had a bathrobe, so we got her one of these. (Anyone else almost always pick from the cheapest options for a certain item?)

After outgrowing her previous two we got her another of these dresses. (Again with the cheapest option- hoping it's a hit!)

She's also been asking for a purple suitcase "to start packing for the beach" (which is in August...). I was happy to find a purple kid size one at a thrift store for $7!

This book

A magnifying glass with compass in the handle for St. Nick's day.

For Audrey:
Poor girl has been without a reading light for a while, so I bought this one at our local hardware store (cheaper than Amazon!). My mom originally bought one for Evie's birthday; I don't even think they're marketed as reading lights, but it is so great! It charges with a cord or by solar power, has a few settings, AND (best part) the "bulb" is silicone and can be removed. Suffice it to say, it holds up well to being tossed around.

A bathrobe just like Evie's because I did not want to tempt tears from being left out.

This was kind of a late idea, but our girls enjoy puzzles and I had a promo code for Shutterfly that made this free except for shipping, so I ordered a puzzle of a picture from our Hawaii trip.

This book.

These slippers for St. Nick's day.

And for her birthday just after Christmas:
A reading pillow (still need to find!)

A darling peg doll tooth fairy box from this shop.

She loves the baby Jesus doll from this shop, that is currently in my drawer waiting for Christmas day, so I was super excited to get her one of these Guardian Angel dolls. I love how each one made is one of a kind!

For Heidi:
She loves this series, so we ordered her two more.

I've heard so many great things about Magnatiles; the reviews of this other brand were all good too, so Heidi will be the first in our family to try them out.

This brush (super exciting ;)

She loves the photo book I made for Evie's birthday a few years ago, so I made one for her with a free Shutterfly credit.

These slippers for St. Nick's Day.

For Cora:

This book

And this Nativity scene. It came in three boxes, so at least she'll have as much to open!

For St. Nick's day we gave her more of these Nativity blocks.

For all the girls I bought Mille Bornes- we used to play this in French class on special occasions and I loved it! I also got a second-hand old school Lite Bright that I think I'll wrap up for them, BUT I just found out that they make them again ($15 on Amazon!) and it's not that big boxy "screen" either. Womp, womp.


This year my brain has been completely blank with ideas for Tim. I always have a difficult time shopping for him but this year takes the cake. So far I've gotten him a book he asked for (which was actually written by one of my high school English teachers!), a veggie basket for the grill, and possibly a gift card to a local brewery. I'm praying that some last minute inspiration will hit!

Solidarity with any other women struggling with gift ideas for men in their life!

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