Apr 20, 2018

7 Quick April Takes

Just throwing up some quick, quick takes of our Easter and linking up with Kelly, while it is still April!

Every one of us came down with what we're pretty sure was the flu in early March. While it was kind of abysmal, at the very least we were all healthy come Holy Week. My mom took Evie and a cousin to Holy Thursday mass, and then on Good Friday our extended family all met at the Franciscan Monastery in D.C. The weather ended up being really nice which was a huge plus, since the time we spend inside definitely gets shortened with two-year-olds on the scene.
On the way home we dropped Tim and Heidi off at the hospital- she fell and cut her chin open at the Monastery and ended up with a liturgical three stitches. :( 

On Holy Saturday we dyed eggs at my parents' house

And went to morning mass on Easter! I could not *believe* how packed it was (I had assured Tim we didn't need to leave very early- oops), and only later realized it was Christmas morning mass that I remembered not being crowded. -_- 

I again wish I had gotten better photos of the girls in their dresses. Heidi's and Cora's were matching, and Evie and Audrey wore their flower girl dresses. One of these years...
 *whispers* Why do men not make it a point to take full length photos?

My sister and brother-in-law hosted brunch at their house afterward, and set up a great egg hunt in their large yard.

After napping off our food comas we headed to my parents' for Easter dinner. Unfortunately mom ended up going to the ER that night but is thankfully okay now. It was definitely an unforeseen, eventful few days!

 The weather seems to finally be turning warmish, and I love seeing the trees sprouting green again! There are other seasons! Here's hoping for a lengthy break from the cold. :)

Mar 29, 2018

Family Wedding the Second

In February was our second family wedding of the year- my youngest brother got married. 
We had another frigid spell here, so the night of the rehearsal dinner was freeeezing, but a good Irish meal and drink helped take the edge off. ;)
 Thankfully the day of the wedding was warmed a bit by the sun and it wasn't very windy. The wedding was at the church we attended growing up, so it was really neat to revisit.

Most of the pictures are from my cellphone; I wish the quality was better!

 Such a lovely bride!
It was a beautiful wedding and the priest gave such a powerful homily about the importance and impact of spoken words. Also, I realized he was a Dominican, so of course his homily was very good. ;)
This was our attempt at getting a picture of the grandkids together: 

Sadly, several family members from our side weren't able to travel two months in a row, so they were missed!
Pre and post wedding
 The reception was at a beautiful manor out in the country. It was such a great reception but I think it was about the time my wine was knocked over, or I made the third trek to the bathroom just during dinner, that I kind of wish we had gotten a babysitter, at least for Cora (who would NOT sit in the highchair and just wanted to clamber on anyone's empty seat). It was frustrating wanting to talk to relatives and really just enjoy the reception but feeling instead like I was always on the fly, counting heads, making bathroom visits and cleaning up food messes. This is the last sibling wedding on my side of the family and I think that added to my feelings of frustration. C'est la vie. At least the older girls have special memories of these weddings and I'm glad they had those experiences.

Instead of cake there were donuts! So many different flavors, I had a hard time choosing.
We had a long-ish drive home, so we left before the bride & groom made their exit. Right before heading home I insisted on getting a photo of everyone- large, individual bathrooms for the win!

Phew- glad I blogged this before April arrived. Also, my new sister-in-law is the host of EWTN's Prolife Weekly, so you should watch her show!

Have a blessed Holy Thursday!

Mar 17, 2018

So They Say {5}

Audrey holding an inchworm:
"Just look at yo'self. You're adorable!"

Heidi singing:
"Oh Susannah! Oh won't you cry for me. I play the banjo wif the banjo on my knee."

Evie (while she was reading Pioneer Girl): 
"The book that I'm writing in my head is called Modern Girl. About my life. It'll take days to read."

Audrey working on something:
Don't worry. There's constructions in this book, so I know how to do it.

Heidi brandishing a dollar coin:

"Look, it's the Holy Spirit!"

Evie, while watching an Olympic figure skating couple make a mistake:
"Or maybe falling is part of their dance..."

Heidi mesmerized by the floating dust particles:
"Mom, wook- there's fireflies in our house."

Audrey helping to wash the younger girls' hair:
"First I'll wet it, then I'll champagne it."

And an endearing parenting moment- the other night I was dressing the younger two while Evie was waiting for me to turn on the shower. I hollered at her that with four of them I can't be everywhere at once, and sometimes they need to try and do things themselves. From the bathroom I hear, "Evie, you can do this." 💛

Feb 25, 2018

My Sunday Best: Wedges and Ruminations

It has been SO rainy and dreary this month! We've had a few beautiful days, but then when it seriously rains/ is gray and cold for days in a row the gorgeous weather becomes the most distant, vague memory. I think that added to my "how is only the second Sunday of Lent?!" feelings at the beginning of mass.Therefore, this Debbie Downer is linking up with Rosie's My Sunday Best because blogging therapy. 

Here are a few mass outfits I've snapped recently:

Everything has been worn before, except the black shirt I bought last summer from Piper and Scoot, and the copper striped shirt on the right is a fall buy from J. Crew factory- it's one of their artist tees and I definitely recommend!
Also, elastic waists are basically the theme of my life.

I can't remember if I mentioned this before but the black wedges were a desperate Amazon buy last year. Several years ago I bought a pair of black (pretty high) heels that were actually not uncomfortable. I was able to wear them in the years when we had two kids and then they sat in my closet for a while. Well, last year I wore them on a Sunday when we went to the parish hall for donuts after mass (ergo, more "distance" walking than usual), and I was SO embarrassed because I could hardly walk in them! I was hardcore considering taking them off and walking barefoot to the car, but I opted for a vain hobble instead. That afternoon I pounced on Amazon and found a pair of well-priced wedges with good reviews. Lesson learned. 


I've had some interesting moments of introspection today. In one of the books I read last year (How Not to Hate Your Husband after Kids), the author talks about doing away with narratives she makes up about her husband. Like, if she's doing the brunt of the housework or putting a lot of effort into parenting while her husband is sitting around, she'd tell herself he's being lazy on purpose, when in reality he's happy to pitch in but is waiting for her to ask him for help. 
I definitely do the narrative thing. 

Likewise, while reading Gretchen Rubin's book, The Four Tendencies, I recognized the narrative thing in play too, in regards the Tendencies- I might think people are doing x,y, and z because they have no common courtesy, but it's probably that they have a completely different Tendency that plays a role in their actions (or lack thereof). 

There's a second-hand auction site that I've gotten really into since the summer; I've since realized that I do the narrative thing with this auction site. I almost always won't bid on items that already have bids. I don't like to get into bidding wars, and I feel like that other person "found" the item first (I know- um, hello! The purpose of an auction is to have multiple bids!). I get in such a huff, though, when I've searched out and then bid on an item that is obscurely listed, and then someone else comes along and bids on it too! In my head they are saying, "MINE!" to something I've discovered. The nerve of them!
Haha, I guess it's good I've realized all of this during Lent- lessons in self-reflection and detachment, right?

That's all for now. Hoping your Sunday is relaxing if not sunny!
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