Oct 6, 2023

When Wounded Self-Esteem Meets Introspection


Last week a buyer left a 1-star review on my Etsy shop, stating multiple things that they found wrong with the item purchased. As a seller it was obviously jarring to be met with such (public!) criticism, especially since the buyer didn't reach out to me privately first to share their dissatisfaction or even request a return.

Long story short, the buyed admitted via private messaging that they were mistaken (i.e. thought they thought they had bought a handmade doll dress when the listing stated it was a size 4 dress made in the Philippines) and said they had decided to keep the dress...but my shop was still left with an unfair 1-star review, which in turn brought down my Etsy-implemented review rating for the month, which in turn doesn't give my listings priority during searches.

In the grand scheme of things I know it isn't that significant, but as someone who puts time and effort into a tiny small business, it really hurt. It kind of felt like someone came into my house and knocked over a bunch of furniture, and then simply walked out after realizing they were in the wrong home.

Fast forward to today one of my girls mentioned at breakfast two unfriendly things that two different friends said their moms said about our family. I am a member of the non-thick skin club and am super sensitive to boot, and was furtively wiping away tears as I finished getting my girls out the door for school. 

Tim was very diplomatic and stated that something probably had gotten lost in translation. And one of the things really was ridiculous- "she said our family doesn't watch *anything*" (which, funnily enough, a while ago a kid close to our family stated to my girls "my mom says you guys watch too much t.v."- really, REALLY brings to light that you cannot please everybody!). After typing the first silly comment out I probably come off like a big baby. But what truly stung was the fact that people (that we've invited into our home) were judging us and saying things in front of their kids. (Okay, adding disclaimer of *maybe judging* because I really don't know the full story behind the child-relayed comments.)

But honestly, instances like the above make me want to shut down socially, turn absolutely inward, and become a hermit. Goodbye interaction. People can't say hurtful things if you're invisible, except judgement over anti-social behavior, I guess. 


There's also that tiny, niggling reminder that I need to be mindful of how I react as a dissatisfied customer, AND it makes me extra grateful for every kind review someone leaves me. Also, I need to be cognizant of things I say about others and how information might be construed, especially when my kids are in ear-shot. After-all, unfavorable comments seem to be passed along on the playground with more vim and vigor than compliments. I don't have much else to offer, except that I'm trying (albeit feebly) to keep in mind the unfair treatment and untrue insults Jesus endured on a much, much larger scale.

Jun 9, 2023


Last June we drove down to Georgia for my brother-in-law's Change of Command and Retirement Ceremonies from the Coast Guard. It was a quick, quick trip! It started on semi-rocky footing as we realized on the drive down that we forgot our pack n' play for Leo. I scoured our Airbnb listing hoping I had missed that there was a crib or something but no dice. 

Thankfully my sister & brother-in-law graciously bailed us out and lent us theirs.

Our first full day down we met up at a local park for lunch with my sister, nieces, and nephews (that Georgia heat is no joke!) and then headed back to their house so the kids could swim in their local pool. Later that night we had a minor miracle with the dinner situation. One thing I'm good at is rambling on when relating a story, so I'll sum this up as briefly as possible:

- good amount of family in town from both sides
- naturally everyone was gravitating towards dinner plans together
- all the restaurants contacted in advance declared they could not accomodate our party
- our "let's just show up and let the chips fall where they may" plan fell through
- on a whim my BIL called a place down the street that said "come on over"

And we did! The young hostess did not bat one eyelash regarding the number of our party or the many little ones. The staff put us all in a back room with plenty of space and let us know we could use the adjoining fenced-in patio for the kids to run around. The food was really good, too, and everyone was served in record time. 

The next day was the double ceremony at the military base. It was really special to witness and I was so glad we were able to be there for it!

One cool coincidence was that the very first helicopter my BIL ever flew happened to be in the hangar as well as the last one!


Everyone enjoyed a party afterwards at the neighborhood pool, and the next morning we headed back up to Virginia. 

Jan 26, 2023

Spring Things

 Last May Heidi received her First Holy Communion. She was a bit of a reluctant photographee afterwards but pepped up when we went to our favorite Italian place with my parents to celebrate.

Cora declared multiple times that she wanted to wear her above dress for her "First Commum-mion"...which unfortunately will be two years too small when the time comes. 

Handsome little guy


I don't know what they were singing but this photo looks very "We're Off to See the Wizard" -esque! 

Evie and Audrey both signed up for CYO Volleyball for the first time. It was a brief season but fun to try something new and I think Audrey is eager to sign up again this year.


In early June the girls all participated in the recital for their Irish Dance school. It was so much fun to watch and we were so proud of them! It was a long day with long periods of waiting. We celebrated with ice cream afterwards, and the very next day left bright and early for a quick trip to Georgia!

Oct 18, 2022

Easter Days

Attempting to play catch up- only half a year behind!

On Good Friday we made our Franciscan Monastery traditional visit.

It's always a bit of a gamble in regards to the weather and state of the gardens but this year it was perfect! Warm, sunny, and so many things in bloom. 

 On Holy Saturday we dyed eggs,

Ashley had so many cute ideas that I made us of for basket fillers!

and I clipped most of the tulips from the yard to put in vases. 

On Easter Sunday we joined my family for brunch and an egg hunt after mass at my sister's house.

It was on the chilly side but that didn't deter the kids!

Leo looked so cute in his little outfit!

That evening my parents hosted Easter dinner at their house. One of our parish priests came over, which was such a nice addition! It's bittersweet to look back on because a few months later he was transferred to another parish. 
Audrey was the one who actually piped up with the invitation one Sunday after mass (Tim and I both thinking Father surely had other plans so why bother asking!)- my point being don't hesitate to ask your parish priest over for dinner, and you never know how long they'll be assigned to your parish!

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