May 13, 2016

7QT: A Mouse Invasion & Pregnancy Stuff

Joining Kelly today for some Quick Takes- it's been a while!

A family from our church (with 15 kids!) generously offered us their four-seater stroller...I kind of can't believe we are there. It's been great, though, for walks around the neighborhood since previously Tim or I would just take two at a time in ye outgrown double stroller.

A couple of weeks ago we had a mouse in our mini van. A mouse in our MINI VAN! We never saw *it* just remnants of things it chewed up (and it obviously didn't help that there are Cheerios and cracker crumbs wedged into every crevice- the mouse was probably reenacting Templeton's Fair scene from Charlotte's Web every single night).  And the creepiest part for me was finding- two mornings in a row- random (chewed open) packs of candy on the floor of the driver's side. I have no idea where the candy even came from in the car! It's like it was letting me know it was still sneaking around. Thankfully it has since been "taken care of"...

Can I just say you can file these shoes under "things that should never be a suggestion for a pregnant woman to wear"?

             Primary Image of Petite Maternity Scallop Jacquard Riviera Shorts with 3 1/2" Inseam
How is a woman with a bump supposed to lace these things herself? I'm pretty sure ladies maids only exist in Downton Abbey.

This doom and gloom weather is killing my spirits. Truly, I can feel them shrink to nothingness each day it rains/ we are without sun. Is this what it's like to live in Alaska? Anyways, I'm trying my best to be grateful that we were at least able to get out the past two Saturdays- first to our parish festival and then last weekend to an air show at the local airport. Everyone had fun and the rain stayed away. Oh, and I won a cake at the cakewalk, so there's that.  :)

Heidi just started saying her name a few days came out of the blue and is so precious. I love hearing it!

I've had a lot of remarks from strangers this pregnancy along the lines of : "It's definitely a boy", "Ugh, three girls? It'll be a boy", "Oh, I bet you want a boy!". Sometimes I wonder if people spout out default responses (especially when it comes to pregnancy) and don't really think about what they're saying? I find it slightly comical (and mildly annoying- not gonna lie!) that strangers assume they know how I must feel about this situation! (And in all honesty I'd be happy either way but am a little nervous about the possibility of raising a little male!)

Have your kids ever done something so endearing/ admirable that it immediately humbles you because you know it was completely of their own volition and had nothing to do with you? The other day Evie and Audrey separately brought in flowers for our Mary altar, knelt, and said prayers (Evie chose memorized prayer, Audrey chose conversational). And then later they asked to pray a decade of the rosary...and I've never prayed one with them! Humble pie for sure. I'm thankful that in spite of my flawed to the max mothering my girls are showing signs of hope. 

Happy Friday.

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  1. Congrats on the cake!!

    And yes I cherish those spontaneous reminders that despite our worse fears the kids are grasping aspects of faith.

  2. Omg. We've had a mouse in the kitchen and bathroom for the past two weeks, but I think a mouse in the van would be far worse! Were you freaking out and tense any time you drove anywhere? And those shoes are terrible for pregnancy! But I was thinking more along the lines of swelling flesh bulging out between the laces. That would be the bigger concern with me!

  3. A four-seater stroller?! Amazing!

  4. That shoe picture made me laugh! During my last month of pregnancy I count it as exercise to put socks on in the morning, so I can't imagine ever putting these shoes on of my own free will and choice!


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