May 25, 2016

Keep on keeping on

Some days I think the most accurate/ honest thing my family could put on my tombstone is:
She yelled.

With patience wearing oh-so-thin over here for dramatic displays of independence, defiance, and plain ol' tantrums, the parenting struggle is REAL.

 And yet I know I need to carry on and begin again (and again, and again x one million). I need to remind myself over and over of Pope Francis' words that God never tires of forgiving us- most especially when I feel like the lousiest parent ever and wonder how on earth I was chosen to be a parent...

 I don't know about you but quotes like this must be plastered in front of my face or else I read them and then they flit away like my patience:

St. John Bosco Quote, Love the Children quote
So easy at times and infinitely more difficult at others.
 Thank the Lord for mercy and the intercession of saints!


  1. Sometimes I take the smallest comfort in knowing that if nothing else, my kids have seen me model how to ask for forgiveness. Since I have to do it All. The. Time. Hopefully that means more than my parenting mistakes...

  2. Thanks for sharing this quote. I need it.


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