May 20, 2016

Painting and Picking {7QT}

 Joining Kelly & company for seven on Friday. 

This is something I've been working on for the past two nights (and counting...). I figure I'm going to spend a lot of time nursing on the couch in our family room and I cannot stare at that dark brick any longer. It does feel a little nerve-wracking to permanently alter something we'll look at every day, but what's done is done- for better or worse. So long, brown brick!

Evie had a race at school this week (the kind where people give donations and she runs laps) and it was so cute to watch her run. The kids were supposed to stop after every lap to get their cards punched but we saw her keep running past the volunteers again and again- it was almost as if she was thinking, "Why is everyone slowing down? I'll just pass 'em!". :)

The weather today is gorgeous and we left the house!! (It's supposed to be rainy and 50s tomorrow but I won't think of that just now...) Strawberry picking was the order of the day and Heidi made sure she- and only she- had full command of the bucket. The fact that it overturned several times did not deter her!

Evie proudly wore her strawberry dress...

And we all enjoyed a good portion of the bucket right at the patch. 
It didn't hit me until we were driving home that I ate strawberry after strawberry, not stopping once to keep track of  how many carbs I was consuming...well, at least they weren't chocolate covered!
I am heartily glad fruit-picking season is upon us. 

And that means it's also coming up on swimsuit season. If you're looking around for one have you seen the swimsuit guide over at The Mom Edit? Some really cute options. I ordered this one  (not in their guide) which came on sale for $22! It was a little more with taxes + shipping but still a fraction of the original price! I know I definitely won't look it but it makes me feel all Haley Mills a la The Parent Trap. ;)

The parent trap 1961. Love haley mills' swimsuit!!! Always loved these cute swimsuits!:

My hair has been in an utterly sad, overgrown state of late but thankfully I was able to get it cut last week. It feels so light and...not horribly drab! This is ridiculous since I've always delivered late- but I kept thinking *what if* I go into early labor before I'm able to get my hair cut? Then what?!
Priorities, right?

That's all for now. Have a great weekend!


  1. That suit is so cute! I read that Mom Edit post and I didn't like the part where she said don't get your suit in all black because nothing says grandma more than a ruched bathing suit in black. Well! Whatever! I got a ruched v-neck bathing suit from J Crew (in black!) and it's the best I've felt in a bathing suit in a very very long time. Maybe ever!

    1. Pshh- I am *all* about the ruching, and love how absolutely classy/ classic a black suit looks! Ain't no grandmas here. ;)

  2. Vintage style suits are so cute! I got this one at Target last year and it's my favorite suit ever:

    1. So pretty! I love the vintage style, too!

  3. That picture from 'The Parent Trap'! I spent one whole summer with my sister watching that movie about a million times, though I couldn't appreciate the swimsuit style at the time. But now I'm inspired!
    Thanks for linking up!

  4. I love the bathing suits! They are so in right now!
    My sister Theresa painted her dark brick just like you are doing. I love how it looks! Good luck!

    1. And, I forgot to mention, I have a lady that comes to my house to cut/color hair. If you are interested I can pass on your name, or we can arrange a time to come here so you can meet her first!


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