May 26, 2016

Thrifting Through the Year {3}

One of my favorite things about thrifting is finding something you need on the cheap- even if it means a long period of waiting for just the right thing to pop up.
 For the past year and a half+  our DVD player and other technical equipment have been propped up on an overturned basket in our family room (necessity is the mother of...odd uses). Finding some sort of furniture piece to harbor the equipment obviously wasn't high on our priority list but having a room that's aesthetically pleasing is nice for the housewife who cleans it and spends ample time in there. :)
I didn't even know what kind of piece I was looking for until I found it- all I knew was that it needed to be small, cheap, and have an open back to accommodate the surplus of cords.

Thank you, St. Anthony. There's a handful of scuff marks on it but what does it matter because, kids!
And I love that it's white- one step (of hundreds) toward a cohesive family room. ;)


Next up- this Pottery Barn crib bumper looks brand spanking new and was under $10! The one we've had since Evie was born is pink sooo I bought this just in case a little male makes an entrance in the delivery room.

And Craigslist is standing by if we don't end up using it.


A year ago I owned one striped shirt...and I've thrifted three in the past few months. I may have a slight stripes obsession.

Thrifted shirts, Blog about thrift shopping
The two with thinner stripes have thicker material which is great for colder months and they seem (hopefully) good quality. I like that the zippers on the back make them a tad- dressier? 
I was really on the fence about the olive striped one from Loft but I went ahead about bought it. Olive green has never been a big favorite of mine but the darker shade and fact that it can be used as a neutral won me over.

I keep saying one of these days I am going to buy real grownup pjs to replace my sleep attire of college t-shirts and sweats- and look! A J.Crew p.j. top with tags still attached! Sadly, there weren't any matching bottoms to be found, so back on the rack it went.

The pretty detail on this little cabinet caught my eye at our local Goodwill...

Second-hand cabinet
The primary colors aren't quite my taste but something about it seemed very Eastern European or maybe Scandinavian? (I feel like I'm in that scene from My Big Fat Greek Wedding: "Didn't you once have a Greek receptionist?...That's right dear, she was Guatemalan.") I can't quite put my finger on where I've seen something similar, though. Anyhow, it looks fun for a kids' room!


And, finally, this wasn't a purchase but I just thought this skirt was so sweet and summery with the yellow stripes, round edges, and white piping.

Bring on the warm weather! :)


  1. The hard part of thrifting is the patience. On my last trip I came home empty handed, but the time before that I found 6 pairs of pants for my girls (for under $6!). You just never know what treasures are waiting to be found.

    Those stripes go with everything - very Audrey Hepburn. :)

  2. I'd love to live close to you so I can have a thrifting buddy


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