Aug 27, 2016

I can only do what I can do

-has become my mantra of late. Most especially when I'm staring down an evening of dinner, clean-up, baths/ bedtime on my own (such as tonight *groan*). It's the thought of everything that needs to be done that's most overwhelming, plus there's one of me and four kidlets, tipping the balance towards anarchy. Focusing on one task at a time helps, of course, but is not a goal that is always achieved. And I'm torn about delegating tasks- I but teaching kids to be autonomous is not exactly a sanity saving process!

Then there's the matter of my children being actual people- I don't want them to remember bedtime always being a time of temper flares or a robotic mother shooing them off to bed with a hasty 'goodnight'...I'm grateful for the nights when the baby isn't screaming and the toddler hasn't climbed into the top bunk multiple times and the whole night doesn't feel like a marathon of hysteria. On the nights where things are mercifully smoother and calmer I try to compensate by reading a little longer and spending a bit of extra time tucking in each girl (and throw up several 'thank you's to God!). I want them to feel loved.
On the not-so-smooth nights I tell myself the dishes can wait. The food won't spoil if it sits out all night. The dining room floor will survive another day without being swept.

Deep breaths.

One thing at a time.

And eat some chocolate once they're all in bed.

St. Monica, pray for us!


  1. You can do it, Lisa! Start the process super early! And drink some wine when they're all down!

  2. Solidarity. We're growing people, and the struggle is real. Just the word "bedtime" makes me both rejoice and shudder at the same time. :)

  3. I can SO relate to all of this!!! I hate feeling of overwhelm and really cannot relax with tasks waiting to be completed. Ugh. But I also feel the guilt of just "getting them out of,the way" as I sometimes feel like I'm doing! ��

  4. Solidarity ~ I know they miss their dad when he is traveling or working late but by the end of the day I'm so ready for some quiet that it is hard sometimes to rush through bedtime and to not lose my cool at stall tactics.

  5. Yes! I am right there with you and I only have one kid! Sometimes things have to wait!

  6. Praying for you. Mothering is not easy.
    Bedtime, morning prep, dinner, afterschool homework. I can practice more mercy, honestly.

  7. Thanks for sharing your mantra -- I will use that... in addition to "Jesus, help me."


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