Dec 17, 2016

Is it possible for humans to hibernate?

We're collectively, hesitantly, heaving a sigh of relief over here that we've seen the last of an awful stomach bug that bit everyone but Cora (hopefully sweet baby will be spared!). It's been almost a week and a half of survival mode and everyone in their turn subsisting on staples of saltines and Gatorade. I feel like I'm running on fumes right now to keep up with life while taking care of things that were neglected while sick...where's the pause button?

Definitely not the Advent I was envisioning, but I've been buoyed by some bright spots.

Three of my grandparents have passed away during December; on the first anniversary of my grandpa's passing (the 1st) I came across this prayer Evie jotted down completely on her own:

"Dear God, I hope Grandpa Varney is in heaven."
 Oh, my Grinch-like heart was so moved!

We also enjoyed a nice visit from St. Nicholas
 My Grandma Varney passed away on his feast day, which I just found out was my other Grandma's birthday (the little figurine belonged to her). I read somewhere to pay attention so dates, as God loves to show us heavenly connections through them- just, so much yes to that.
We managed to decorate gingerbread houses with cousins (which Evie is claiming she's "allergic to" since she started getting sick that very night- I've yet to see that one on a medical file ;).
 Evie's taken it upon herself to read the Advent wreath prayer every night and reads the Jesse Tree verse some days. One less thing for me to do/ remember is HUGE!
 ^^^These size four diaper wearing darlings are quite a pair...and within seven pounds of each other :)
Also, Cora's chubby legs are almost too much to handle. She is just so perfectly round!
Heidi got sick the night this picture was taken. :(
Yesterday I went to bake the sugar cookie dough with Audrey and Heidi- the dough that I prepared exactly two weeks ago- and found it had a mysterious gooey substance over it. Toss!
We've been completely out of regular sugar, but somehow I remembered the easiest recipe for mints that only uses confectioner's sugar, so Audrey's "baking" request was sort of realized. I think, though,  as long as it has sugar and she gets to help and eat the final product anything is a win. :)

At the risk of severe cabin fever or death from never being alone, I went out to Walmart the other night at 9pm, where at least I could isolate myself in uncrowded aisles. It felt like a mini-vacation. I went for a bunch of essentials, including this nail polish which I am in love with! Sometimes you just *need* pretty nails.
That's all for now. We're here and we're preparing the best we can for Christ's birth. Prayers for a healthy Christmas for all!

PS- the O Antiphons start today!


  1. Oh, I'm sorry you've all had a stomach bug! I really love this time of year, but I hate this time of year too because of all the germs everywhere and all the fun you potentially miss because of the germs!

  2. Looks like some Tomie DePaola among your St. Nicholas goodies. Yay! :) The gingerbread houses are adorable!

    Isn't it funny how a solo trip to Walmart can be a vacation?!?!

    Hope Cora stays bug free. Oh the laundry of the stomach flu!

  3. Hugs for the Advents that feel more like Lent.
    Yay for baking and decorating despite it all!


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