Apr 12, 2017

I got the flu and it was no joke- neither was the fact that I had the flu vaccine.

And all I'll say about that is that all these websites stressing the importance of the almighty flu vaccine because it is so important and we all need it and remember to get it because it's important need to simmer down.

Also, I'm very grateful for yellow Gatorade.

Soon we'll be traveling by plane with all four girls to visit family- the last time we flew as a family we only had two kids, so this is uncharted (slightly terrifying) territory. And poor Cora is still getting over double ear infections. :-/ I've heard about Sci-Fi movie storylines where space travelers are put to sleep for their years-long treks into deep space...and well, I really wouldn't mind something like that for airline travel.

Right now I'm wishing I could summon every post chock full of advice on traveling with little ones that I've read in the past!
I have a mounting stash of activity books and Melissa and Doug On the Go items and I'm crossing my fingers that lots of snacks will help in some positive way. I would love any tips or ideas if you have any!!

The other night Evie was having a difficult time at bedtime, so Tim and I pulled her aside to talk while we folded laundry. She sniffled and wiped her eyes as she told us she wanted her own room where it would be quiet (she shares a room with a loquacious sanguine) and a desk with her own supplies, and she continued, "and there would be a nail on the door where I could hang a sign that would say 'Please do not disturb'."

My poor, sweet girl spelled out her introverted temperament without even knowing it. Getting her a little "work space" of her own has moved to the top of our to-do list for sure!

A search for a summery berry colored lipstick led me to this one which I recently purchased and very much like (it's not as dark as it looks)! I'm more of a timid lipstick wearer and shy away from statement ones that commit to bold color, so I think Burt's Bees is a good match for me. 
I am SO excited that the tulips I planted in the fall are blooming! The bulbs were assorted colors so it's a fun surprise to see what comes up. I would love to take the girls back to this place but taking three ambulatory little girls to an acres big flower field and then telling them they can only pick a few flowers each and only under adult supervision seems like a poor choice. *Sigh* Maybe someday.

A funny aside- our next-door neighbor stopped by as I was trimming plants in the front on Sunday to offer some (unsolicited) landscaping advice. (A previous owner had very eclectic taste and we really do have a large variety of flowers and plants randomly situated all over the place in the front.) Anyways, he was pointing out different crazy things and then goes, "and there's tulips here and then over there, I mean..."-yeah, I didn't let him know I had planted them! Haha, I don't care how my tulips look- I just wanted to plant some!

That's all for now- have a blessed Triduum and Easter!
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