Jul 28, 2017

Stuff & Nonsense {7QT}

Linking up this day with Kelly (who has taken care of all your homeschool fashion needs)!

The calendar is about to be flipped to August which means...it is still SUMMER! (CAPS-ING for you, retail people!)
I read something by Shauna Niequist the other day in which she shared her absolute love for summer and I completely concur. Give me all the hot weather and sun for as long as possible please and thank you! (Especially when I think of how much blessedly easier it is to leave the house when kids don't need to wear layers upon layers and things like a sock on each foot.)

It's been a good summer so far- not too busy or too lackadaisical- but I have to mention that Tim went out of town twice for multiple days each time, and I think I'm still recovering from both.
I am not good at solo parenting.

Also, I came across this in our front yard as I was about to pull some weeds:
Harmless, but not my most favorite part of the summer, either!

That aside, here's some things we've been enjoying lately:

I know I've mentioned this recipe before but it is just so delicious! The crumb topping perfectly offsets the zesty-tart base, and for me it's the perfect summer dessert. :) It calls for ramekins but I've used an 8x8 pan for it and it turned out fine.

I love how dense and not overly sweet this turns out. Also, you definitely need to add the drizzle on top!

I just finished Jenny Rosenstrach's How to Celebrate Everything and thoroughly enjoyed it. It was a library loan, so I'm hoping she has a lot of the recipes on her blog!

I also completed Big Little Lies recently (after having to return it and go back on the wait list for several weeks) and liked it! I think What Alice Forgot is my favorite of Liane Moriarty's, but this was definitely a page turner.

I started My Lady Jane but didn't get too far before I decided to return it to the library. I think historical-fantasy-fiction just isn't my thing! (But it does have loads of high ratings and I wholeheartedly appreciated the dedication: "For everyone who knows there was enough room for Leonardo DiCaprio on that door."😂)

Evie loved Prairie Girl and the (first?) two Noisy Village books. She's also been holing herself up with some of the Boxcar Children titles.

I just finished reading aloud All of a Kind Family and The Children of Noisy Village to Audrey and we both really liked them. They both give such fun and distinct accounts of different time periods and cultures, which I loved!


I wouldn't recommend all of the episodes, but The Royals was both an interesting and entertaining documentary. Good for the interim until (if?!) The Crown comes back on Netflix.

Also, Tim and I have been enjoying Madam Secretary, per Jenny's blog recommendation. (You tell them how it is, Téa.)

For all the fans of The Sound of Music- how about this shirt?!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Yaaaaaas, I'm so glad you're "getting into it with State."

  2. Am in-between series on Netflix; will have to look at Royals and Madame Secretary.

    Great pictures; so glad you are having a good summer!

  3. Great pictures; so glad you are having a good summer!

    แตกใน xxx


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