Sep 27, 2017

September Notes

 Alternately titled: I've been meaning to publish this for weeks.
Not that it's anything blog-shattering!
I often feel like blogging or have the thoughts/ words to put down during the day but when naptime and bedtime come around? My brain turns to mush. Such is life right now.

Anyways, today is Heidi's 3rd birthday! I'll write her a post (hopefully not too much) later.

 Poor Cora skinned her knees yesterday but she didn't make a fuss so I didn't notice til later! I couldn't help taking a picture because skinned little knees are too precious.
A couple of weeks ago we were seeing lots of humming birds around the feeder and flowers in our backyard. I never thought I'd catch a photo of one but one day this cute little fella perched on a hosta stem for a minute or two. And the same thing happened the next day- I've never seen one at rest for so long! They are fascinating creatures.

Additionally (on the nature front), I was passing a neighbor's yard last week and could not believe how many deer there were! I counted ten in all. We see three or four, maybe six now and then but never this many!
 I do have a *slightly* irrational fear that someday I'll startle some I'm driving by and they'll bolt towards the road, totaling our mini van in their mad dash. Hopefully it's a very irrational fear.

School has started!
We're getting back into the swing of school and finding our routines.
Evie has joined the ranks of the big kids in 1st grade:

and Audrey is in pre-K at the same school.

Heidi started Catechesis of the Good Shepherd this week at a local Montessori school, and so far so good for all the girls!

I have to share with you these leggings of Heidi's:

G.K. Chesterton leggings! I was ecstatic to win them in a giveaway because I really wanted a pair for her when I saw them. Only once has someone tried to guess the depiction when we're out and about, annnd they told me they'd never heard of him. Who knows, maybe they'll read up about him. ;)

I think it was about this time last year that the BIG thing on social media was listing three fictional characters that describe you. I had fun looking at everyone's combos but couldn't come up with three I felt were accurate for myself. Until now. Behold:

Joe from Return to Me | Ouiser from Steel Magnolias | Mrs. Hammond from Anne of Green Gables

If the shoe fits...

September has been SO beautiful and sunny and warm/hot- I am soaking up every second! It is blissful not to have to worry about layers and boots for all the girls just yet.
Cheers to September. :)

Sep 1, 2017

Sunflowers and Such {Life Lately August '17}

A few weeks ago the girls and I braved the heat and met my sister and niece at the sunflower fields (we last went in 2015). The farm uses several different fields in a large area from season to season, so it's always a little hectic trying to figure out where the current locale is, but we made it in only two u-turns. 

What I really wanted was to get a nice picture of all of the girls together...
Well, Audrey was disgruntled that she couldn't hold Cora.
But she bucked up when I let her Heimlich "hold" her next.
Poor Cora. And people say being the oldest is hard.
There was a bounce pillow included with the price but unfortunately was too hot for little feet!
It wasn't the easiest outing but I'm glad we ventured out of the house to glimpse some summer beauty.

In other news, Heidi had her first haircut! She wasn't too keen on the situation at first and kept calling out for Tim but a "Peppa Pig" episode saved the day! Years ago I probably scoffed at the idea of Cartoon Cuts but they now have my loyalty. Things like doctors visits and shots are hard enough- I will take all the easy I can get!

That same day we also went to the girls' first baseball game- the Knights of Columbus organized an outing to a local minor league game. It was an evening game- with full sun- so we only ended up staying through two innings but we had a great time! There was a lot of action and two home runs were scored. My favorite part was when Evie asked (after the first home run), "Is that the only ball they have?". :) A very logical question, indeed.
I'm hoping next year we can take Evie and Audrey to an afternoon game.
Superior selfie skills, as always

 Cora started walking at the beginning of the month and is in full-on walker mode, destined to forever be a blur in photos.
This phase is one of my favorites- it's so cute when they start walking everywhere on their chubby legs with pomp and circumstance!

We celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary last Monday and were able to go out for the afternoon on Sunday. It was pretty cool having an anniversary eclipse!

We took the girls to a splash pad that afternoon (Monday). At one point Tim mentioned that he thought the eclipse was starting; I looked up for a brief second and then spent the rest of the afternoon in fear that my eyesight was in peril. (Eyes still working.)

We didn't have any glasses, so colanders and paper with holes it was!

We'll see if I'll have my act any more together in 2024...
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