Jan 12, 2018

Odds & Ends & Anecdotes {7QT}

Linking up with Kelly for my first quick takes of the year!

I meant to add this random anecdote closer to Christmas, but anyway last year during a visit to the Basilica of the National Shrine (which we always referred to as "the shrine" growing up- I always have to take time to think of the proper name!), while we were visiting the creche we noticed dinosaurs in the creation ceiling mosaic above us!
It jogged my memory, and I recalled seeing dinosaurs in a nativity scene at a church my family and I visited in Italy (possibly Assisi?) waaaay back in 2001. I had taken a picture of it and finally located it after scouring every place and album I could possibly think to look. 

So you can tell your young sons, dinosaurs have a place in church. ;)

For Christmas brunch with my family, I brought out my Grandmother's peony china and was so proud of myself for using it. For family gatherings at our house we always stand on formality and use paper plates.
I figured pulling out the china once a year is not a huge effort in the grand scheme of things! Not much else about the tables matched, between the red stripe on the table cloth and the blue coffee mugs, but not having to go to great lengths to impress is the beauty of family, amiright? :)

Audrey turned 5 at the end of December, and we celebrated with my family- as we've done the past few years- on New Year's Day. I have to say, she was pretty good at milking the days between the two celebratory days for all they were worth. ;)

Every birthday I've felt "oh, you're just now turning X age?" with her, but her turning five feels too sudden- we now have two "older age" kids!

Hers was my quickest labor, and our only middle-of-the-night delivery.

 She is my reliable helper and I'm always impressed with how much she takes initiative in life. She still naps on days she's home and is definitely our best sleeper. Looking at books and being read to are some things she really enjoys. She also LOVES her preschool teachers. One night she woke up crying with ear pain and I told her she most likely had an ear infection. She immediately asked if she would have to miss school, and with tears in her eyes fretted, "I can't miss school on Thursday! Mrs. P is sitting at my table at lunch on Thursday!".

She never fails to verbalize her thoughts with exuberance- on Christmas morning she announced, with arms in the air, "We got evah so many presents!".

Her party was the week of my brother's wedding, so we didn't expect many people but most of my local family members were able to come and it was a nice little celebration!
Our local Harris Teeter has a pizza bar which runs a special for $7.99 per pizza on Mondays- it was the perfect antidote to holiday baking + cooking fatigue.

In keeping with the "odds" theme of these takes I want to record a few Christmas picture books not on our "usual" list that we came across and really liked this year:

A World of Cookies for Santa: Follow Santa's Tasty Trip Around the World
by: M.E. Furman
I was pleasantly surprised by this one. It goes to different places all over the world and gives a short summary on what kinds of treats are made at Christmas and their cultural version of St. Nicholas. I love how it even went to the Holy Land and mentioned how it was the site of the first Christmas.

On Christmas Eve
by: Margaret Wise Brown
There is more than one illustrated version of this- get the one that looks normal!

Apple Tree Christmas
 by: Trinka Hakes Noble

 Finding Christmas
 by: Lezlie Evans

The Christmas Cookie Sprinkle Snitcher
 by: Robert Kraus
A cute recommendation from Stephanie on Instagram

Our tree is still up, so you can guess what we'll be doing this weekend! (Help!)
Have a good one!


  1. So glad Audrey had a good birthday!
    Good luck with the tree this weekend.

  2. Our tree is still up... but no more ornaments. They were put away 3 nights ago. I will miss BOB -- that's the name of the tree!
    Happy birthday Audrey!

  3. How funny about the dinosaurs!
    And happy birthday to your sweet girl! Harris Teeter pizza special days is one of the only things I truly miss after moving to the country. Can't beat that $7.99!


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