Apr 20, 2018

7 Quick April Takes

Just throwing up some quick, quick takes of our Easter and linking up with Kelly, while it is still April!

Every one of us came down with what we're pretty sure was the flu in early March. While it was kind of abysmal, at the very least we were all healthy come Holy Week. My mom took Evie and a cousin to Holy Thursday mass, and then on Good Friday our extended family all met at the Franciscan Monastery in D.C. The weather ended up being really nice which was a huge plus, since the time we spend inside definitely gets shortened with two-year-olds on the scene.
On the way home we dropped Tim and Heidi off at the hospital- she fell and cut her chin open at the Monastery and ended up with a liturgical three stitches. :( 

On Holy Saturday we dyed eggs at my parents' house

And went to morning mass on Easter! I could not *believe* how packed it was (I had assured Tim we didn't need to leave very early- oops), and only later realized it was Christmas morning mass that I remembered not being crowded. -_- 

I again wish I had gotten better photos of the girls in their dresses. Heidi's and Cora's were matching, and Evie and Audrey wore their flower girl dresses. One of these years...
 *whispers* Why do men not make it a point to take full length photos?

My sister and brother-in-law hosted brunch at their house afterward, and set up a great egg hunt in their large yard.

After napping off our food comas we headed to my parents' for Easter dinner. Unfortunately mom ended up going to the ER that night but is thankfully okay now. It was definitely an unforeseen, eventful few days!

 The weather seems to finally be turning warmish, and I love seeing the trees sprouting green again! There are other seasons! Here's hoping for a lengthy break from the cold. :)

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  1. Sorry for all the ER visits but otherwise seems like a lovely Easter weekend!!
    Joining you in your prayers for a general warm-up!


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