Jul 20, 2018

Summer Snippets

I feel like one of the themes for the summer (or even further back than that) could be "between a rock and a parenting place". Parenting has been hard (although, when is it not?), Tim was out of town again last week, and trying to do summer with all four girls has been logistically challenging for me- mostly trying to go places where I won't be chasing Cora down nearly every second! 
But there have been some nice times that I need to focus on, and today was a bright spot with a library visit sans screaming or chase scene (plus two for me books off long holds!!).

We made it through blueberry picking on a super hot day; hopefully blackberries will be ready soon!

Evie has been asking for a desk space and I was so happy to find this school desk and chair for $5 each last Saturday! I could hardly believe that it was purple to boot. I spent a day hitting up as many thrift stores as I could find in a place about an hour away- the thrill of the hunt. :)

We've had a lot of beautiful sunshine

 and some fun park time,

and some much needed girls' nights out for conversation and drinks. 

Swim lessons start next week for the older two and we still have a good chunk of summer break left! 
I'm trying to shield my eyes from every "Back to School" advertisement invading my space- let us summer in peace, store people. 
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