Oct 12, 2018

Life Lately | Sept & Oct

I was remiss in not posting about back to school! Evie and Audrey started in August, and Heidi started pre-k in early September.
Billy Madison Adam Sandler GIF - BillyMadison AdamSandler BackToSchool GIFs 
The girls are all enjoying their classes and we're (mostly!) in our groove for getting everyone out the door on time- although admittedly early mornings are not my forte.

At the end of September Heidi turned four! We had a favorite dinner of hers, celebrating with brownies and presents on the actual day, and she was able to bring in a treat to school (Costco Rice Krispy treats ftw). 
In the days leading up whenever we asked her what she wanted for her birthday she responded, "chocolate cake!". :) I love uncomplicated four.
That weekend we gathered with family for pizza and cake and celebrated our Four Girl some more.


A Goodwill opened this past week five minutes from our house! Suffice it to say I am *quite* excited to make regular visits. While the other girls are in school Cora has been my errands and thrifting buddy.
Going out with just one kiddo in tow I'm all:

 meanwhile Cora is:
Get Me Out Of Here GIF - ViolaDavis GetMeOutOfHere Exit GIFs

so we keep our store visits short and sweet. :)

Back in August Tim and I watched the Netflix version of "The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society". Has anyone else watched it? It's been several years since I read the book and while I liked the casting in the movie I felt without the whole letter aspect like in the book, a good bit was missing from the dialogue.

I never thought I would say this (as I love drinks from coffee shop$), but I've found a good Pumpkin Spiced Latte recipe to make at home! I use this recipe but prefer it with 1 1/2 cups of milk and add a little agave to sweeten. 
Fall in a cup!

That's all for now- have a great weekend!

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