Apr 30, 2019

Easter Joy

On Good Friday we headed down to the Basilica in DC since they were having veneration of relics from Christ's passion. I had no idea there were so many relics related to His passion! Unfortunately the line wasn't very long but no one was enforcing the "take a brief moment and then move to the pews" rules, so the line was barely moving. (Dearest people: when there is a line behind you, that is not the time for ALL of the piety!) After a good ten minutes with little progress and all kids ready to not be in line we made our exit and headed to the Franciscan Monastery. 

The new dome- the artist originally said would be impossible to ever have a mosaic there and then ended up completing it!
Every year I love seeing what's different and what's the same about the Monastery. One bittersweet difference I noticed was that the the sign for the Poor Clares down the street was gone. I did some Googling and the last five nuns went some to a nursing home and some to their original convent in OH. Their story is really neat to read, though! Another order now resides in that house, but it's sad to hear of "eras" coming to an end. 

It was so endearing observing Heidi color in her Lenten calendar every day of her own accord. She wanted to do blue, red, and green just like her teacher was doing. :)

On Easter we made sure to arrive to mass 30 minutes early (unlike last year when I kept assuring Tim our usual arrival time was fine...this year our parish held TWO masses in the 9 and 11 o'clock hours and it was still really crowded!)- the girls were troopers, and I'm so glad we didn't feel rushed or crammed in. 

Haha, the doctor I see for my thyroid and who the girls have seen a few times sat right behind us and offered to take our picture after mass- I didn't even know he was a parishioner and it was one of those awkward "Does he recognize us? Do I say anything? Do I apologize for the exploits of the toddler?" moments!

After mass we headed to my sister's for brunch and an egg hunt. Even through Holy Saturday the weather for Easter kept looking chilly with possible rain but it ended up sunny and wonderfully warm in the early afternoon!

After a short afternoon food coma rest at home we went to my parents' house for dinner with just them and Tim's brother + fiancee. 

It was a great Easter and we're still happily celebrating!

Apr 24, 2019

Spring Fever

We've had such a lovely spring so far and I cannot get enough of it! Not to sound melodramatic but after months of winter I just can't recall what it's like to sit outside in the sun and feel warm, and once those days return it is pure bliss. At the end of the 1961 "The Parent Trap" Maureen O'Hara says to Brian Keith:
"Oh Mitch, it's been so long. So very long!"

Maureen, I completely get you. It has been so long since we've had warm sun and beautiful days.

We've been enjoying all the blooms in our yard- this is the first year we noticed a patch of bluebells right outside our back fence! 

I was happy to see our scrawny lilac bush producing some flowers- they're in full bloom right now and smell so good. 

Feel free to stay for a good while, spring!

Apr 23, 2019

If You're Local!

I put together a baby bundle from different small businesses for this year's Silent Auction at our parish *but* I'm a little apprehensive that it will get bid on at all, so if you happen to bid on it you might get it for a song! 

It includes:

This gender neutral Alphabet Saints print (16 x 20) by Studio Senn

Wedgwood Peter Rabbit cup and bowl 

The last thing is kind of random, but I wanted to contribute something from my thrifting.:)
If you're interested the auction runs during the All Saints parish festival May 3rd & 4th!

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