Dec 10, 2020

Life Lately {Fall}

First things first- I forgot to mention this way back in August but I gave all four girls haircuts! I promised myself I would never do it again after I cut Evie & Audrey's several years ago and couldn't get either's hair even. And I'm renewing that promise to myself yet again. 

It wasn't all bad (this time I watched a couple YouTube videos first! and they really needed cuts), but Cora's hair looks truly abysmal. In my defense there was hardly any sitting still on her part; I do think that I need to leave it to the professionals forevermore, though!


At the end of September we celebrated Heidi's 6th birthday!

I didn't get any pictures, but we celebrated her birthday with my family with a brunch after Sunday mass. 


We also went apple picking one Saturday and enjoyed the orchard's apple cider donuts.


One Friday we met up with friends at a local pumpkin patch. The weather was perfect- so warm and sunny!


Over the summer I decided to delete my Bloglovin account. Every week I was getting spam followers with creepy and wildly inappropriate links in the profiles. I had messaged Bloglovin three different times over several months about it (there's no way to block unwanted followers) and never heard back, so that was it for me. The downside is that I really did like their format and would regularly keep up with blogs I follow; now I use Feedly but don't like it as much and have really fallen behind reading blog posts.:(


At a trunk-or-treat- St. Gianna and Mary

Nurse, Corduroy, Cleopatra, Butterfly princess

This year we trick-or-treated in my parents' new neighborhood. My brother-in-law had the idea to put hay bales and lights in our trailer so the kids could all ride inside it. It's a big neighborhood and a lot of people in our church and school community live there, so it was great to be able to drive around! 

If you're on Instagram you might've seen this on different accounts- painting any kind of old vases to give them a terracotta look. It was fun and easy- definitely my kind of project! Here are the instructions I followed (except I used a lot more baking powder than what the directions listed).

A few of the vases I painted

and this white round one


A few songs I've been listening to a lot:

Zach Williams & Dolly Parton's "There Was Jesus"

Zach Williams' "Chainbreaker" (Love the live video from Harding Prison.)

Hope Darst's "Peace Be Still"

And such a cute holiday music video- White Christmas With You by Kait Madison

That's all for now!
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