Feb 13, 2021

Georgia in December

 The day after the girls finished school for Christmas break we piled in our minivan and headed down the Georgia to visit my sister and her family. Tim and I decided to keep it as a surprise for the girls as long as possible, so we told them about the trip the evening before we left (in part in case our plans fell through, but mostly for sanity's sake- so we wouldn't be fielding questions and comments about it for days on end😅.) 

Tim and I had driven through Georgia before, but it was the first time visiting the state for all of us! The drive down was long; it wouldn't be so bad if it was scenic but that stretch of I-95 is pretty bland. 

Our first full day there we went to Tybee Island to visit the beach and then into Savannah to see the (beautiful!) Cathedral. It was also my and my nephew's birthday, so that night we celebrated with cake!

The girls had so much fun spending time with their cousins and visiting a new place. 

Southern charm. <3

Downtown Savannah was beautiful, and I couldn't get enough of the Spanish moss!

My sister and her family were such gracious hosts, making us meals and entertaining us during our visit. We stayed three full days, which worked well since the six of us were staying in one hotel room (it had ample bed space and a great kitchenette but managing a decent bedtime for the girls was tricky) and we had time when we arrived home to prep for Christmas!
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