Jul 11, 2021

Life Lately {Spring}

Recap of our spring! 

Evie was the runner up in her class to participate in the school's Catholic Cup competition (4th grade and up) and ended up participating in the contest at the last second, as the first place participant wasn't in attendance that day. I was able to watch via Zoom and was so proud of how well she did!

On Good Friday I was heading down our driveway on my way to the grocery store, when suddenly I wasn't because a huge tree of our neighbor's had completely fallen across the driveway! Thankfully Tim was working from home and was able to get it cut up and cleared enough for everyone to get out (we share a driveway).
Evie solemnly stated about the event, "It's too bad that this happened on Good Friday when we're fasting. Every calorie will be needed to clear the tree." Indeed.

We attended the 3 o'clock service at our parish on Good Friday for the first time with all the girls, and our usual mass time on Easter Sunday. We had beautiful weather and a lovely Easter morning! My sister hosted Easter brunch and an egg hunt, and later we had Easter dinner at my parent's house. 

Loved every minute of our spring blooms!

Easter Monday we surprised the girls with a few days' trip to Chincoteague Island. I didn't want to spend Easter prepping for a trip, so Tim and I spent Monday morning getting everything together and only told the girls where we were going once were packed and in the car.😅

None of us had ever been there before- it's a really neat place! We stayed in a little rental house in town within walking distance to some restaurants and other sites. Thankfully we had warmish and sunny weather for the days we were there! I was madly watching the weather, willing it to be as warm as possible. The only slight downside to going in April was that many of the eateries were closed or only had weekend hours. 
Another thing I didn't know is that the beach access is on Assateague Island (just a few minutes' drive away). You have to pay to enter but we have a year long National Park pass via Evie- it's free for any 4th grader (highly recommend!)!

Visiting the Misty of Chincoteague statue

We were able to glimpse the wild horses several times.

We tried a few firsts while there- mini-golfing, and bike rentals for the nature trails. For the bikes Cora rode in one of those tented attachments and Heidi rode a bike attached to Tim's that didn't depend on her pedaling. She was such a trouper for balancing on it so well! 
It was a great little family trip and fun to explore a new place. I think one of the highlights for the girls was that the rental house had a (disconnected) rotary phone that they loved playing with.😆


A few documentary/ interview style things Tim and I really enjoyed watching this spring:

The first two happen to be Economists and have so much wisdom to share!

Thomas Sowell: Common Sense in a Senseless World (can view on YouTube or Amazon Prime)

Walter Williams: Suffer No Fools (we viewed it on Amazon Prime, also might be on YT)

Created Equal: Clarence Thomas in His Own Words (We watched it on PBS. It was available on Prime but Amazon removed it during Black History month- big oops on their part!)

Have a great week!
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