Nov 20, 2021

So They Say {10}

Cora heading over to the cursive board with a card in hand to sign: I'm going to write my name in Irish. 

Cora: Do people at all the stores go home at night?

Listening to "Rockin' Robin"- Heidi: This sounds like the Beach Brothers.

[Gags while eating] Cora: I was choking horribly!

Thoughtfully, in the middle of dinner- Cora: I wonder what they're doing in heaven now?

Looking at our All Souls' candle- Heidi (matter of factly): Dad, someday your name will be on the candle.

Running off with a wad of trivia cards- Cora: Heidi! I have some jokes for us to do!

 Humming "Sixteen Going on Seventeen"- Cora: Mom, what is that number song called again?

Cora while flexing: I have little muscles and if bad guys come, I would be like "wham!" in the face of them!

Cora talking about before she was born: I couldn't come because God was still making me. He was making my dresses and clothes..."

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