Oct 18, 2022

Easter Days

Attempting to play catch up- only half a year behind!

On Good Friday we made our Franciscan Monastery traditional visit.

It's always a bit of a gamble in regards to the weather and state of the gardens but this year it was perfect! Warm, sunny, and so many things in bloom. 

 On Holy Saturday we dyed eggs,

Ashley had so many cute ideas that I made us of for basket fillers!

and I clipped most of the tulips from the yard to put in vases. 

On Easter Sunday we joined my family for brunch and an egg hunt after mass at my sister's house.

It was on the chilly side but that didn't deter the kids!

Leo looked so cute in his little outfit!

That evening my parents hosted Easter dinner at their house. One of our parish priests came over, which was such a nice addition! It's bittersweet to look back on because a few months later he was transferred to another parish. 
Audrey was the one who actually piped up with the invitation one Sunday after mass (Tim and I both thinking Father surely had other plans so why bother asking!)- my point being don't hesitate to ask your parish priest over for dinner, and you never know how long they'll be assigned to your parish!

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