Jan 26, 2023

Spring Things

 Last May Heidi received her First Holy Communion. She was a bit of a reluctant photographee afterwards but pepped up when we went to our favorite Italian place with my parents to celebrate.

Cora declared multiple times that she wanted to wear her above dress for her "First Commum-mion"...which unfortunately will be two years too small when the time comes. 

Handsome little guy


I don't know what they were singing but this photo looks very "We're Off to See the Wizard" -esque! 

Evie and Audrey both signed up for CYO Volleyball for the first time. It was a brief season but fun to try something new and I think Audrey is eager to sign up again this year.


In early June the girls all participated in the recital for their Irish Dance school. It was so much fun to watch and we were so proud of them! It was a long day with long periods of waiting. We celebrated with ice cream afterwards, and the very next day left bright and early for a quick trip to Georgia!

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